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WWE 2K18 – New Details Emerge

The WWE 2K18 development team have released some details on their highly anticipated new game…

WrestleMania 33 – Rumoured Match Card

WrestleMania is just around the corner… what are some of the matches we may be seeing? Liam runs down the rumours and looks at the potential card.

WWE Battleground 2016 Review (Best PPV of the Year?)

Liam and Andy review the events of Battleground 2016, giving their thoughts on the Draft, and the difference between “voluptous” and “succulent”.

WWE Battleground 2016: Full Results

The battle lines have been drawn, but who came out victorious? Ambrose clashed with Reigns and Rollins, Cena met with The Club, and Bayley finally debuted!

WWE Draft Results (And Why It Wasn’t Great)

Get the complete results, predictions, and reactions from The Suplah to the WWE Draft here! Liam and Sam react in the latest episode of The Suplah…

Quann’s Corner: Brand Extension (Spilt)

Andy Quann talks about the brand extension that will envelop WWE in July – where would he put various superstars and championships?

WWE Money in the Bank 2016 Review (And Why It Was Boring)

This week on The Suplah, Liam is joined by Sam and Carmine, as they run down the WWE’s Money in the Bank PPV – why was it so boring? Find out here…

Money In The Bank Trivia & Facts

Get all clued up before heading into next Sunday’s Money In The Bank show!

The Problem with Old Time Stars

Glen returns to talk about the serious situation regarding the older veterans, such as Sting and Undertaker performing for WWE.

Zahra Schreiber Released From NXT!

After much controversy, Seth Rollin’s girlfriend is fired after less than a year at the company…

My First Summerslam

Summerslam 2015 is just round the corner! So Liam Dunne takes you down memory lane and writes about losing his Summerslam Virginity

WWE Raw Reaction (8/10/15)

Missed Raw? Well we have you covered!

WWE Raw Reaction (8/03/15)

Missed Raw? Well, according to our “Smarky Scrooge” Andy Quann, it was good. Find out more why!

WWE Raw Reaction (7/27/15)

Raw was a night of firsts, find out more here!

WWE Raw Reaction (7/06/15)

Missed Raw? Well, Cena faced Cesaro (again), Brock smashed up a car, Rusev crushed Ziggler and much more. Andy Quann fills you in on what happened on Raw.

FORGOTTEN CLASSICS: Kevin Steen (Owens) vs Tyler Black (Seth Rollins)

What you are about to watch is a rare independent match between Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins from IWP Mid South Wrestling from 2006. These guys wrestled in bingo hall…

Details on Sheamus’ Money in the Bank Win

In a report from the Wrestling Observer, it’s been revealed why the Ultimate Zoidberg fan Sheamus scored a victory at this year’s Money in the Bank event…

WWE Raw Results (6/15/15)

Seth, welcome to Suplex City. Missed it? We will fill you in.

So Those Odd WWE Arabian Cartoons…

In a world where Hulk Hogan tries to flirt with Nikki Bella and escalates to a dance off with Big Show playing the violin…

New Details on Brock Lesnar’s WWE TV Return

So, the secret is out; former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar is scheduled to return to WWE TV on June 22nd. However, one thing everyone is unsure of is why he’s coming back so soon… until now.

Curb Stomp Edited Out

Is Seth Rollin’s move really banned?

WWE App Voting Legit?

Former Creative Writer Kevin Eck reveals it all…

Full Monday Night Raw Results (04/06/2015)

Missed Monday Night Raw? We’ve got you covered.

WrestleMania 31 Predictions

Liam Dunne looks at what could be in store for us this Sunday!

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