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Money In The Bank Trivia & Facts

Money in the Bank is only a few days away! So, with that in mind, let’s have a look at the match concept, and just why it’s so special for the WWE fans, and competitors alike!

– As of this writing, there have been 16 Money in The Bank Matches.

– The very first one was back at WrestleMania 21, where it became a WrestleMania tradition.

– Until, that is, 2010. WWE decided to turn the match into its own pay-per-view event.

– Subsequently, we had 3 Money in the Bank ladder matches in 2010.

– The first match had 6 wrestlers involved; all were from the RAW brand, and the briefcase could only be cashed in on RAW’s champion. It wasn’t until the next match, at the following WrestleMania, where it became multi branded.

– From 2010 to 2013, there were 2 ladder matches per event; one for the WWE Championship, and the other for the World Heavyweight Championship.


– WrestleMania 26 boasts the biggest Money in the Bank Ladder match, with 10 participants!

– On the other hand, the WWE Championship Money in the Bank Ladder match in 2012 was the smallest, with half that many participants (5 for the mathematically challenged).

– CM Punk did not just win multiple Money in the Bank ladder matches (twice), but is also the only person to win the briefcase consecutively, winning at both WrestleMania 24, and WrestleMania 25.

– However, he doesn’t solely hold the record for the most cash-ins. He actually ties that score with Edge.

– This is because Mr. Kennedy originally won the Money in the Bank Ladder match at WrestleMania 23, but lost the briefcase to Edge, in a match for the case itself. This makes Kennedy the only person to have won the match, and never cash in.

– This happened because Kennedy failed WWE’s Drug Policy in real life, so not only was he suspended, but he also lost his push and had to drop his briefcase.

– There have been 14 successful cash-in attempts…

– … and 2 failed ones. The first belongs to John Cena, after he lost via DQ to CM Punk (thanks to the Big Show). The second belongs to Damien Sandow, who just couldn’t overcome John Cena’s insurmountable odds.

– Interestingly, these 2 failed cash-in attempts happened roughly one year apart.


– Weirdly, the person who has competed in the most Money in the Bank Ladder matches isn’t the inventor of the match, Chris Jericho. It is, in fact, Kane! He has appeared in the match 7 times, and won once.

– Both Kofi Kingston and Christian are tied at second place for the most Money in the Bank ladder matches, with 6 appearances, but neither man has been able to pull the briefcase down, and win.

– On the other side of the coin: Alberto Del Rio, Seth Rollins and John Cena are currently undefeated in the match type. All 3 men have only appeared in the match once in their careers, winning the case in their sole appearances.

– The longest Money in the Bank ladder match was for a shot at the WWE Championship in 2013, at 28:38 minutes. This match was won by Randy Orton.

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– The shortest Money in the Bank ladder match was at WrestleMania 22, at 12:14 minutes. This match was won by Rob Van Dam.

– Speaking of Rob Van Dam, he was the first of only 2 men to pre-warn the champion as to when they plan to cash in their Championship match. He did so at ECW One Night Stand 2006 against John Cena, in front of a blood thirsty ECW crowd.

– The second was John Cena himself, against CM Punk on RAW 1000 in 2012.

– Edge, with his first ever run as Mr. Money In The Bank in 2005-2006, still holds the record for waiting the longest time before cashing-in his title shot against John Cena, at 280 days.

– Kane has the shortest run as Mr. Money in the Bank though; he held it for only an hour or so before cashing it in against Rey Mysterio in 2010.

– Going back to John Cena, he is the one man who has had the contract cashed in on him the most. Two successful attempts (Edge and Rob Van Dam) and one failed attempt (Damien Sandow).

– Jeff Hardy was originally meant to be featured in the Money in the Bank ladder match at WrestleMania 24, but was removed due to being suspended by the WWE, for a Wellness Policy violation. This means Jeff has only appeared in 1 match, the year prior.

– Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens will be making their first appearance in the match this year.

– Alberto Del Rio will be making his second appearance in the match this year.

– Cesaro and Dean Ambrose will be making their third appearance in the match this year.

– Chris Jericho will be making his fifth appearance in the match this year.


What are some of your favourite Money in the Bank moments? Maybe you’re sitting on some facts we’ve forgotten about? Comment below!

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