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Andy QuannApril 7th, 2015NewsComments Off on Full Monday Night Raw Results (04/06/2015)

Full Monday Night Raw Results (04/06/2015)


Quick Results:

Randy Orton defeated Kane @ 6:50 via DQ
Non-Title Match: Champion Seth Rollins defeated Neville @ 11:45 via pin
Open Challenge: US Champion John Cena defeated Stardust @ 13:10 via pin
Naomi and Paige defeated The Bellas @ 4:59 via pin
Ryback defeated Luke Harper @ 2:42 via pin
Lucha Dragons defeated New Day @ 2:56 via pin
Roman Reigns defeated Big Show @ 10:37 via pin
Sheamus defeated Mark Henry @ 2:34 via pin
Miz defeated Mizdow @ 5:00 via pin
#1 Contender’s Match: Randy Orton defeated Reigns and Ryback @ 5:14 via pin

Notable Segments:

Authority kick off the show minus Hunter and Steph. Rollins talks about their accomplishments at Wrestlemania eg. Hunter *sigh* defeated Sting, Big Show *sigh* became the most dominant giant and Kane…was there. Orton comes out and states that he deserves a title shot after defeating Rollins at Mania. He also mocks Kane, joking that he may have to call mommy and daddy first. Kane states that there will be a Number one contender’s Triple Threat tonight but Ryback, Orton and Reigns have to have single matches first.

The announcers (minus Cole, replaced by Saxon) talk about AJ Lee’s retirement and are nice about it.

Brad Maddox is still a thing. He goes away after trying to suck up to Kane. Kane and Rollins argue. Rollins believes that Kane isn’t pulling his weight. Kane states that without him helping Rollins win Money in the Bank, Rollins wouldn’t be champ. Kane states finding a credible challenger was best of business. Rollins wants Kane to quit and would tell on Kane and getting him done to Steph and Hunter. Kane books Rollins in a match.

Primetime Players take the piss out of the Ascension. Wasn’t good.

The New Day state they are disappointed by the “New Day Sucks” chants. They clap so they don’t snap. Are they turning?

Kane gave Divas a chance and made a Battle Royal for next week for the Number One contender for the Divas Title.
Bray Wyatt cut a promo about fear and being the new face of fear. Same old. Same old.

Seth stands tall over Orton to close the show.

Raw was ok. Nice to see Neville getting a match with the world champ. Looked good in the process. There were seeds planted of the New Day turning. Even with some dirty tactics in the tag team match. Kane seems to be turning too.

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