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Meet the Hosts

Liam Dunne

One of the founders of The Suplah alongside Andy Quann, Liam Dunne helmed the show from its inception in 2008 until 2019, retiring from the show to have a career in Hollywood.

Andy Quann

A founding member of The Suplah alongside Liam Dunne, Andy still hosts the show today with co-host Sam Brooks. Chief responsibilities include showing up and having opinions.


Keelan Balderson

Joining the Suplah in 2009, Keelan Balderson serves as the webmaster for WrestlePundit, and occasionally makes appearances on the main news show.

Carmine Antonelli

Starting with the Suplah in 2013, Carmine Antonelli joined the channel as the chief Let’s Player, overseeing all video game related content. Carmine currently serves as the commentator and booker of Suplah Brawl.

Sam Brooks

Sam Brooks joined the Suplah in 2014, and currently co-hosts the main show with Andy Quann. Also appears alongside Carmine with their own podcast, Bitter Chatter. He also edits all of the content for the channel.

Brendan Davis

Brendan Davis joined the channel in 2015, and likes to involve himself behind-the-scenes. When he’s not discussing wrestling, he’s found talking about memes and anime in the group chat.

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