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Andy QuannJune 16th, 2015Blog, NewsComments Off on WWE Raw Results (6/15/15)

WWE Raw Results (6/15/15)


Quick Results:
Dean Ambrose defeated Sheamus @ 10:49 via pin
R-Truth defeated King Barrett @ 0:22 via pin
Non-Title Match: Champion Kevin Owens defeated Dolph Ziggler @ 15:16 via pin
Kane defeated Randy Orton @ 4:22 via Sheamus
The Miz defeated The Big Show @ 2:48 via countout
Handicap Match: The Bellas defeated Paige @ 5:40 via pin
Neville & The Prime Time Players defeated New Day @ 9:30 via pin

Notable Segments:
Show starts off with Seth welcoming us to Monday Night Rollins. He is the best thing about Monday Night Raw and still WWE World Champion. He acknowledges Ambrose, he brought the fight and his A game. But, it wasn’t as good at Seth’s. Seth beat Dean by himself, as he said he would. Dean interrupts, selling his injured knee, as they brawl with Dean left in the ring as Seth runs for his life. Dean holds a strike in the ring and states he’s staying until Seth comes back out. Seth has words with Steph and Hunter, and they claim they will choose his next challenger. After a while, Sheamus interrupts Dean and a match is made. Orton comes out towards the end to cost Sheamus the match.

Seth chats with J&J. Seth says he told them so. He is willing to bring J&J back on board if they know anything about who Steph and Hunter are going to choose as his new challenger. They haven’t heard anything, but they think it should be Joey Mercury, since he’s pinned Seth. Joey says Seth is scared of him, because the record books will always show that he lost. It’s not “if” Seth loses the title, it’s “when”.

The divas are all gathered by Paige. She wants to rally them against the Bellas. Otherwise they will be taking their chances, because they are married to the top guys. But, the divas don’t trust Paige. The Bellas interrupt and challenge the Divas to side with Paige, but, the divas leave one by one.

Kevin Owens cuts a promo on why he did what he did at Money in the Bank. Cena isn’t on Raw because of Cena himself. Owens doesn’t deny his role with the powerbomb, but, Cena forced him to do that. Cena said something to him whilst shaking hands, saying, “you belong here”. He knows he belongs here; he doesn’t need Cena to tell him or to endorse him. Cena is a bad winner, he could have gone to the back, he insisted Owens shakes Cena’s hand and hog the spotlight. He disrespected Owens. He still holds a victory and deserves a rematch. But this time for the US title. Owens issues an open challenge for Cena, Dolph Ziggler answers (with Lana… damn <3 ). Dolph says that Owens has a lot of guts, Dolph says that he has sacrificed for anything he has. DERP!!~ Bray Wyatt explains why he attacked Roman at MITB. He says Roman doesn’t have the capacity to understand the answers, it should have been himself climbing the ladder, Roman stole his opportunity. Bray would have been a beacon of change. Roman has an ego that makes him do does crazy things. He reminds him of someone that was cast aside. Bray says they are opposites. Ying and Yang. Justice needs to be sorted out, and anyone but him should win. He will destroy Roman, but not tonight, as that would set a bad example with father’s day around the corner. He holds a picture up with Roman and his daughter, creepily singing I'm a Little Teapot. Their fun is just getting started. Run. DERP. (Edit: Ok, that was pretty good.)

Kevin Owens powerbombs MGK off the stage after he sings a song. That was fucking beautiful. Thanks Owens Thanks. Kind of wish he did that during the performance. (He later explained on Raw Fallout that he did that because he felt like it. Beautiful.) Hunter and Steph say that action will be taken.

Seth comes out to the ring. Steph and Hunter also state that if you know what you have with a lump of coal, you put it under pressure. Either it turns to dust, or a diamond. Hunter says that the pressure is on… HERE COMES BRRRRROCCCKKKKK LESNAR. He is announced to be Seth’s next challenger. Seth looks like he has just shit his pants. They stare down, Seth looks uncomfortable backs away and leaves the ring. Hunter and Steph look on, wondering what he’s doing. Seth leaves, still staring at the beast. Seth looks terrified. End scene. End Show.

Opinion Time:
Well, Raw was ok. I’m sad to see that the Ambrose feud was filler for this, especially because he was so over tonight. But the Beast is back; I’ve been saying this for years, but what is the point investing in these characters as a fan, if someone will just take their place months later?

Don’t get me wrong (also please don’t hurt me), Brock is awesome. But, the past few months was a total waste of my time, money and emotional investment. I get it; he never was pinned to lose the title, but still. Seeing Dean fight Sheamus, who could well be the least over MITB winner ever, is just sad to see. I wouldn’t have an issue with it, if Dean was still in main events on Raw.

However, the lack of Cena was refreshing. It gave Owens, Seth and Dolph the spotlight, so that’s good stuff. Even Bray’s promo was good and I’m not a fan of his. Kane and Big Show didn’t feature five hundred times too, which is also refreshing. Maybe WWE are taking notice at fans shouting at them to retire already.

Also Kevin Owens hates hip-hop.

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