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Liam DunneApril 29th, 2015NewsComments Off on WWE App Voting Legit?

WWE App Voting Legit?

Former WWE Creative writer Keven Eck has recently made a post on his blog about the legitimacy of the WWE App’s voting.

As seen on this past Monday’s RAW, WWE gave the fans the chance to vote on what would main event the Payback show in the coming weeks. Despite promotional material that has recentely leaked online indicating that WWE was booking towards a Triple Threat match between WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, Randy Orton and Roman Reigns, the matches that were proposed to the audience were:
– Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton
– Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns
– Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns

If you watched RAW, you would already know that the WWE Universe “voted” for the triple threat match. With the fact that it had been leaked this was the match WWE was already promoting, as well as previous issues with the WWE App’s voting system, fans cryed BS on the legitmacy of weither their votes actually count or if it’s just a marketing tool for the App itself.

Well, acording to Eck… it is 100% real!

Eck explains the difficulty of writing a segment that has potentially 3 different outcomes, and how WWE make things easier for the writers in this “shoot” evnironment, with the example of the infamous Roddy Piper segment from a few years ago:

“One of my worst experiences in WWE involved a fan voting segment that I was assigned to write. It occurred during the August 2012 episode of Raw, when viewers were asked to choose the guest of that night’s Piper’s Pit, with the choices being Chris Jericho, Dolph Ziggler and The Miz.

The funny thing is that no matter who won the vote, all three candidates were going to be in the segment with Roddy Piper. However, I still had to write three separate segments because the winner was going to come out first and interact with Piper and then be interrupted by the one of the guys and then the other.

When I approached Piper that afternoon to discuss the segment, he said, “OK, so who’s going to win the vote?” I said that it would probably be Jericho, but I couldn’t say for sure because the voting was a shoot.

Piper smiled, looked me directly in the eye and said, “Right. So just tell me who’s winning the vote.” I don’t think I ever really convinced him that I wasn’t ribbing him.

When the five of us sat down and went over the three versions of the segment, each guy wanted to make changes to the dialogue, especially Piper and Jericho. Miz felt like he didn’t have enough to say and wanted to add a bunch of lines, which would have made the segment way too long.

To make things worse, as Piper was backstage trying to get his lines straight just a minute or two before he was to go to the ring (he wouldn’t know who won the voting until he got out there), Vince made a change in the dialogue and had me deliver the change to Piper, who acknowledged me but I’m not sure he was actually listening.

Jericho ended up winning the vote, but Piper got lost pretty quickly out there and started improvising. Jericho did his best to save it, but the segment was a train wreck.

The announce team dumped all over it (which they were instructed to do by Vince as the segment was deteriorating), and so did fans on social media. Piper later responded to the criticism by tweeting:” I read that Vince was angry at the last Piper’s Pit. Not a word was said to me. For the record, I DIDN’T WRITE THAT CRAP! #bemadatwriters.””

It’s an interesting read, which can be found by going to his blog:

Do you actually believe Kevin Eck? Leave your comments below!

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