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Liam DunneJune 3rd, 2015BlogComments Off on So Those Odd WWE Arabian Cartoons…

So Those Odd WWE Arabian Cartoons…

A few days ago, a WWE fan known as @WWEIsRollins posted this on twitter that she had found Seth Rollins on a very weird cartoon show that contained his image. This post may have gone unnoticed by the masses, that was… until the WWE World Heavyweight Champion himself replied to her tweet simply saying this:

So I looked into this further. What I expected to find was a satirical cartoon show that would “feature” celebrities, and with Rollin’s being the world champion and appearing on major shows such as Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show”, the idea of him being lampooned wasn’t such an alien idea. Odd, don’t get me wrong, but not alien.

What I found was far more interesting… and absolutely crazy.

Unknown to us westerners, it seems that there has been a show, made in the middle east, about the WWE characters themselves. I mean an entire series dedicated to them. Chances are this is completely without WWE’s consent, and being unable to speak Arabian, I can’t say exactly what the show is about. But sometimes you don’t need to understand the language to appreciate the sheer weirdness behind it. Take for example this beautifully short music video:

Why is Hulk Hogan hitting on Nikki Bella? Why is Big Show playing a Violin? Why is Undertaker’s mouth bigger than his head? I have absolutely no idea, but I don’t need to in order to appreciate how bat-sh*t crazy this show vows to be.

How about this one, where The Undertaker and John Cena are scheduled to have a match, but instead Undertaker starts to drum on a bongo causing John Cena to “feel this music”:

Or what if Rey Mysterio, Brock Lesnar, Steve Austin and Kane form some sort of dance team under the suggestion of Natalya…

I’m starting to notice a pattern here…

I’m not even sure what’s meant to be happening in this one. All I know is that AJ Lee a maid for, who I presume to be the main character of the show, which results in a dance party at the end involving AJ, Steve Austin, Brock Lesnar and Kane…

Can somebody please make Kane’s dancing into a GIF? I’ve never seen anything more GIF worthy!

Admittedly, there isn’t much else in terms of what this show offers. At least not on the internet anyway. But with the show now starting to gain some more mainstream exposure to wrestling fans, not only would I love to see an English dub of the show, but wouldn’t it be great if these videos were made canon?

Hulk Hogan and John Cena are in the ring, talking about that one time Hogan hit on Nikki for no reason. Then Big Show’s music plays, and he walks onto the stage and plays a violin, which causes Hogan and Cena to start dancing for absolutely no reason.

Yes it would be weird, but you know what, after these videos… I may just mark out for it!

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