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WWE Raw Reaction (7/06/15)


WWE Raw Reaction: Quick Results & Segment Highlights:

Show starts with The Authority Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar, for once. Paul says that Brock is basically God; he is not a God of love, family, or charity – he is a God of violent retribution, and it will come at the expense of Seth Rollins, or anyone else who stands with him. Brock is the sword that will pierce Seth’s shield. Seth broke the 11th commandment; “You shall not provoke the beast Brock Lesnar” – he did that at ‘Mania, and the Authority’s attack two weeks ago. But the beast is still alive, and the beast wants revenge. He will take the title back, and the Suplexes and the beatings begin tonight. Heyman then gets the cheap pop, mentioning Chicago, to end the segment.

Big Show (sigh) had a match with Ryback. Miz was cheering Big Show with a mic from ringside. Miz ran in and attacked Big Show. But Show/Ryback hit their finishers on Miz for his trouble, and Ryback hits the meathook on Show. This was bad. Moving swiftly on.

Brie Bella (sigh) took on Paige. Nikki and Alicia Fox cost Paige the match. They all attack Paige after the match.

Sheamus (sigh) took on Roman Reigns. Bray (sigh) derps and interrupts the match, but Roman Superman punches Bray… but it’s not Bray, rather an impostor in a wig. He appears on the titantron, laughing, and says “Anyone but you, Roman…”. Sheamus wins via count out. But, Randy Orton returns and goes after Sheamus at ringside. I have been reviewing Raw for weeks, and I forgot this was a thing. Sheamus gets an RKO.

The worst feud in the WWE right now continues, as Rusev apologises and complains about Lana, America and Dolph Ziggler. He even says he is better looking than Ziggler. Summer Rae can’t cut a promo. Ziggler comes out and says Rusev lost the best thing that happened to him, Lana. So he kisses her in front of him… what a dickhead. Rusev cries. Summer Rae confronts Lana, and for anyone with a foot fetish out there, they take off their heels to fight. Rusev attacks Ziggler with a crutch, and kicks him in the face. Lana cries. Rusev takes off his brace and Summer Rae attacks Lana, before Rusev puts the crutch on Ziggler’s throat and crushes it. It looked nasty.

Dean Ambrose took on Bo Dallas… Ambrose squashes Bo. Poor guy, he was in a WWE title match a month ago.

King Barrett defeated R-Truth via Bullhammer… honestly, you do care about this? No? OK, lets move on.

Brock interrupts the usual Authority promo, as Brock gets an axe and destroys J&J’s Cadillac from last week. Brock is as happy as Larry (or Barry). He tears the door off and throws it around, which according to reports, hit a fan in the crowd. J&J go after him with sticks (seriously), but Noble gets a broken arm from the Kimura lock, and Mercury gets thrown onto the car, followed by a belly-to-belly onto the car. Seth, holding his stick, is left in the ring, and runs for his life whilst Brock tries to catch up. Brock gives up, and holds up the WWE title.

Lucha Dragons and New Day had an amazing match – Titus destroying JBL on commentary was awesome. He even did a Deez Nuts reference… beautiful. Seriously, this match was fantastic. New Day win and the PTP hold up their belts at ringside.

In the main event, Kevin Owens interrupts the US Open challenge. He says Cena’s time is up, and that he needs to take the United States title, so that he never has to hear Cena’s stupid crap anymore. He wants his title match now… Cesaro (yay) interrupts Kevin, saying no one wants to hear him whine about losing the NXT title, and the only reason why Cesaro isn’t champion right now is because of Owens. He demands Owens leave the ring, or he will have a problem, which Owens surprisingly does. The two have their title match, which was good. Cena wins via Super AA from the second rope. Kevin Owens tries to pop up powerbomb Cena after the match, but, Owens gets an AA. Owens isn’t happy, and Cena does some weird bowing with his arms to close the show.

Opinion time:
Raw was OK. What was good was amazing, and what was bad was terrible. For instance, Brock was super over tonight, and was awesome. Heyman was as awesome as ever. The Lucha Dragons/New Day match was fantastic. The show’s closing was really good, and it was a great match between Cesaro and Cena.

However, the fact that Ambrose in in limbo/feuding with Kane is awful. The guy was in the main event a month ago, and he is still over as hell, but because of a certain someone coming back, he’s been pushed aside. Here’s the problem: part timers are ruining Raw, and wasting months of programming and the subscriber’s money.

Big Show needs to go away. It doesn’t help that they’re playing to the fact that people want him to retire. Just go away already.

Wade Barrett is done. He’s finished. He’s a goof.

So far the Rusev/Ziggler feud has been God awful. Summer Rae is literary there for Lana to beat. Rusev crying like you did during your high school break-up after prom is dreadful. I’m glad he’s become a monster again, but I worry that the damage is already done.

The Bella/Paige storyline is going over, but I think it’s because everyone hates the main roster Divas, and want the NXT roster of talented women to be brought up already. I hope this is where this is going.

Overall, this show feels like it wasn’t booked on EWR with the same card over and over again. They clearly shook things up because of one of the worst ratings in Raw history last week, and the fact they were in front of a smarky crowd. As long as they keep it up, it should be awesome stuff. But, here’s the problem. They won’t, if Brock isn’t there every week.

Overall Grade: C+
Personally, no offence to Sam, but I would have rated last week’s Raw as a D. It was God awful; it was a filler show for this one. This one featured some awesome matches, Brock is a good babyface, Rusev is also a monster again. These things are all good, but the lack of direction for Ambrose and Barrett adding to the God awful feuds like Wyatt/Roman and Miz/Show/Ryback dragged down the rating for me. Half the show was good, the other half was dreadful. It can’t be more than rated a high C in my opinion.

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