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Liam DunneJuly 6th, 2017NewsComments Off on WWE 2K18 – New Details Emerge

WWE 2K18 – New Details Emerge

We are 3 months away from WWE’s annual video game being released. After a disappointingly shallow instalment with last years game, many fans (including yours truly) have been hoping for a video game with more meat on the bones to be worthy of the heafty price tag that’ll be attached to it… not including the season pass.

Very little is still known of the impending game at this point, all we do know is that Seth Rollin’s is on the front cover of this years game, replacing last year’s star Brock Lesnar, and that Kurt Angle is the pre-order bonus (there are currently rumours saying that there will be two different Angel characters in the game, his 1999 debut look and his 2003 Team Angle look)

So what else is new?

My Career will be more narrative based
One of my personal main problems with the 2017 game was MyCareer mode. It looked as wide as an ocean, but as deep as a puddle. The mode focused on creating a new character from scratch and seeing him go through many years as a star, with the ultimate goal of becoming a Paul Heyman guy. In order to do this though, you had to complete a specific set of challenges, such as winning every championship at least once, or being a 3 time World Champion. The problem is though, it became very boring very quickly. Feuds barely existed, and when they did, they were driven with a confusing promo system that seemed to change the rules as often as Roddy Piper changes the questions.

2018 looks to change this, by putting more of a focus on a story that your character will star in, much like 2K’s other major gaming franchise NBA. Not only this, but they are also introducing “Road To Glory” mode. Little is known this point of writing, all that 2K has said is that it will be “Online content”. Does this mean that an online only federation will open up to your character? The ultimate World Champion through online play? Only time will tell.

And, as a bonus, the promo system is getting a drastic overhaul.

Universe Mode will be evolving
Since we last visited the digital realm of WWE, things have drastically changed. Not only have we had a brand split (although that was achievable in Universe Mode), but we’ve also had the introduction of 205 Live, the cruiserweight specific show, year tournaments featuring stars outside of the company, and even a United Kingdom specific championship and league.

Again, little is known about how much different Universe mode ACTUALLY will be, but the developers said that the 1 PPV every 4 weeks limitation is being abolished, as well as more surprised that’ll be in store for the player.

8 Man matches are in
One thing that always baffled me is the limitation of 6 wrestlers in a ring. The reason why? WWF SmackDown! Just Bring was the first game to introduce the ability to have 8 wrestlers in the ring at the same time. That game came out back in 2001. 16 years ago. If anybody tells you they couldn’t achieve this due to the limitation of hardware isn’t being honest. If an early PS2 game could handle it, you can be damn sure the PS4 and X-Box One can.

Commentary is also being revamped
It’s almost become a running joke among the gaming community at how bad the commentary is in WWE games. From periods of silence, to unnatural conversations, to educated feet, to gaffs where outtakes are accidentally left in the game, most fans just agree it’s part of the silly charm, and to be honest… who even really pays attention to the commentary anymore?

Well with the brand split came new announce teams, and the team of Byron Saxton, Michael Cole and Corey Graves will be taking the broadcasting reigns for all your matches. The WWE 2K team have actually been working with the NBA 2K team to get a more realistic sound to the commentary, and even allowed the three to record their lines together in the same room in order to preserve the “chemistry” they have

Backstage Brawls are gonna get more hectic
One mode that fans seemed to enjoy this year was the return of Backstage Brawls. The ability to transition from wrestling in the ring to going backstage to gorilla and beating your opponent up in the locker room, or to disrupt Rene Young interviewing another star. However the issue was the limitation, there was really only 1 hallway with 2 or 3 different rooms to access, with new items to interact with. It was fun, but would over stay its welcome quickly.

Well this year, it looks like 2K have gone the open world route. They are boasting that you can fight across the entire arena, and there being 3 times more intractable environments. Plus, the mode will be added to 1v1 online play. So now you can destroy your friends bizarre creation that shouldn’t be allowed to live in even more brutal ways.

Mixed Gender wrestling is making a comeback
The women’s revolution is on a roll, but since turning PG, WWE have been very careful to keep the men and women away from each other when things get physical (and that isn’t meant to come across as sexual, but this is the internet after all, and we all know why you’re REALLY here…)

Mixed gender matches were always previously in the game, but have been abolished for a number of years. This will be possible thanks to a new mode…

Whilst some people would say that the games are limited and get boring fairly quickly, one thing that keeps fans interested and coming back for more is the creation suite. It’s a way to keep the in game roster updated until the next instalment. Now this mode isn’t EXACTLY new. On the PS3 and X-Box 360 versions of the games, you were able to change the rules of a match to your whim. An Ironman Finisher match in a steel cage? Absolutely possible. It just seems like this will be more in-depth.

Fighting styles are back!
SmackDown! vs RAW 2008 wasn’t the strongest entry into the franchises long history, but one thing it did introduce was fighting styles, a new evolution to the game play that can still be felt today. In it, you could pick a primary and secondary fighting style for any wrestler. Each with their own special abilities. For example, only high fliers could do springboard moves, showmen could steal taunts and finishers, hardcore wrestlers actually got a boost of energy if they were made to bleed and strongmen could throw a wrestler out of the ring with a strong irish whip. This was abolished in later games, but the abilities stayed behind and were available to be given to any wrestler you desire (with some limitations, of course), however with this more “realistic” approach to the franchise, it seems they are returning!

The controls are being re-worked
Even the developers admitted that the games are overly complicated, especially when it comes to the grappling and submissions… you know, what wrestling is kind of famous for? Expect tweaks to the controls to make it more friendly to newbies entering the squared circle for the first time.

Better character models
WWE 2K is abandoning the PS3 and x-Box 360 to fully embrace the newer consoles. With it is the removal of limitations set by the more obsolete hardware. Expect more dynamic lighting and better skin textures.

Are you excited for the new video game? Leave your comments below!

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