The Suplah podcast

What is The Suplah?

What is The Suplah?

The Suplah brings you the latest in wrestling news, reviews, and rumours – a channel made by annoyed fans, for annoyed fans. From WWE and AEW, to NJPW and our own Suplah Brawl, no promotion is safe from appearing on our show.

Join co-hosts Andy Quann and Sam Brooks as they take a look at the biggest headlines of the week in wrestling, giving you their honest thoughts and opinions, with no filters or shame!

What shows do The Suplah broadcast?

The weekly main show is uploaded to YouTube and made available on podcast platforms via Anchor each Friday. Suplah Brawl, our own simulated wrestling events featuring crazy matches, crazier characters, and moves you’ve never seen before, airs periodically – events are usually announced the day before broadcast.

Suplah Raw Sign                                 Our first fan-sign on Monday Night Raw!

Where else can I find The Suplah?

Our primary location is right here on, and on our YouTube channel – we also have a Facebook page, and a Twitter account – all of our social media links can be found at the top right of our homepage.

In a separate endeavour from the wrestling shows we produce, we have our own gaming channel, where the hosts come together and play a wide variety of video games each week, streaming for the fans and later editing the results.

In addition to this, we have our own merchandise store! If you ever wanted a t-shirt, sticker, or anything with one of our many catchphrases on it, then jump at the chance to own it now!

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