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WWE Raw Reaction (8/10/15)


WWE Raw Reaction: Quick Results & Segment Highlights:

Show starts with Seth Rollins cutting a promo on Cena in the ring. Seth is wearing a never shuts up shut. It’s amazing. He says that Cena has yet to answer his challenge and if he doesn’t want to show up at Summerslam, he should forfeit the title in Brooklyn making Seth the first ever WWE and US champion at the same time. Seth says John will show up on tough enough but not on Raw. Seth then tricks the crowd thinking Cena is here, but, he’s there via satellite. But it’s a picture of him with his mouth moving mocking Cena and his messed up nose. But his mouth is clearly Seth’s. Seth Cena states that he used to stand for Hustle, Loyalty and Repsect. Now he stands for Surgery, Recovery and Rehab. He says never give up unless Seth breaks your face. He’s giving up. WWE deserves a fighting champ then, it’s Seth.
Cesaro interrupts saying he deserves and title shot for an open challenge, but, there isn’t going to be one. Kevin Owens interrupts and says that he has beaten Cena, which nether Seth or Cesaro can say they have done. In fact, Seth tapped out to Cena two weeks ago, so Owens believes he deserves a shot. Seth denies he will defend the title, again. Calling them both dumb and deaf.
Orton interrupts (making him both dumb and deaf) and says he deserves a title shot. All three stare down Rollins
The Authority (yawn) interrupts (interrupt overkill), Hunter states that Cena is 50/50 for Summerslam, which creates turmoil but that creates competition. Hunter books a triple threat match tonight with the winner going onto the main event facing Seth for the WWE title. This segment had so many interruptions I have had to paragraph it because it was too long to read. Urghhhhhhhhh. That was one segment. Wow.

Team Bella took on Team B.A.D. I’m sorry but if you have to hashtag the term Diva Revolution, its not organic or a revolution. Also, the Bellas were faces for this match. This feels like the 500th time they have turned. What a joke. Bellas win via a roll up, them B.A.D. attack Brie after the match and all the Divas including team PCB all fight in the ring. With PCB and B.A.D. staring down with the Bellas walking off standing tall.

Los Matadores vs. Kofi Kingston & Big E happened. The only good thing about this was Big E dancing. Amazing. Can the Matadores just go already? Bring back prior personas. The Bull got involved. I hate this. New Day win as Big E dances. NEW DAY ROCKS.

Orton beat Cesaro and Owens to win a title shot in a really good physical hard hitting match. Good stuff. Seriously I can’t do this justice. You have to see this, it got a standing ovation for the crowd. Deservingly so.

Dean Ambrose took on Luke Harper. Bray tried to get involved but got a superman punch from Roman who was at ringside. Luke wins via a Discus Clothesline that looked nasty.

Mark Henry (sigh) took on Rusev. Lana gets involved and gets pushed in the ring to face Rusev by Summer Rae. Summer blind sights her and puts Lana in the Accolade. I want this sh*t to end.

Neville (who is done) took on King Barrett (who is also done). The crowd sadly didn’t care, I don’t blame them. Neville wins via the Red Arrow, Stardust attacks Neville. Some guy Arrow attacked Stardust and jumps the rail and tries to fight Stardust. I don’t care, but Liam does. He apparently geeked out about it and will buy Summerslam for it. Well, at least one person cares about this. I couldn’t give a toss. The commentary made out that Arrow was in the wrong, not the fact that he was attacked. F*ck this.

Daniel Bryan appeared on MizTV and got the loudest crowd reaction of the night. Beautiful. Bryan says he came to Raw to be in his home state. Miz says Ryback should give up the Intercontinental title and cancel the match and give the title to Miz. Big Show (UUUUUURGGGGGGGHHHHH) interrupts saying Miz has no chance and says no one can retire him. I have a clue for you, how about go away and do it yourself? The fact this is a part of his gimmick is sickening and F*cking embarrassing. Ryback interrupts and returns as Bryan throws Miz inbetween Show and Ryback. Miz gets destroyed, Big Show eats a Meathook. The Miz gets the same treatment and literary gets clotheslined out of one of his shoes. Bryan and Ryback celebrate.

Hunter grants Arrow a match at Summerslam. Another guy who could have been on the card has to play second fiddle to now an actor. What is this, WCW? I love how WWE always rips into WCW for doing this, WWE are doing it too. Pot Kettle anyone? It was bad enough having two part timers on the card but this, for shame WWE.

Orton took on Seth, Orton hits RKO out of nowhere via Seth failing to springboard on the ropes. Sheamus gets involved attacking Orton. Sheamus tries to cash in his briefcase (which would have meant myself never writing these reviews ever again) but gets an RKO for his trouble. End show.

Opinion time:
Raw was ok. The things that make this show stale have reared their ugly heads again. Big Show, the tired Authority storyline and Orton being predominate on this show shows all this. Owens or Cesaro could have used from the rub main eventing the show. Last week the show felt fresh and progressive. This week show can be summed up with the perfect saying “One step forward, two steps back” even with the lack of Cena, which was one of the only redeeming factors about the show.

The Triple Threat was really good but besides from that there isn’t a lot else to this show. The Divas only got one match. Hell, a celebrity (if you can call him that) got more screen time than the Divas. There are weeks where I really don’t know if I have it in me to watch this garbage and review it. This was one of those weeks.

They ruined the perfect rebuilding process of Rusev with this terrible feud with Summer / Lana. They have ruined a perfect talent guy making him pretend he is a king wearing fancy dress that makes him look like a dork. They have ruined progress they made last week with this show. There is no amount of Big E dancing that can save this show. One or two segments don’t make a show. I’m sorry. It’s like once WWE find a holding pattern or a routine they stick with it and it hurts the show. The commentary was also horrible, JBL is the absolute worst, he just wants to get himself and his terrible catchphrases over. What in the absolute fu*k is a “BALLGAME MAGGLE”?. Please stop. Please go away. Please. That’s be trying to be polite.

I’m done for one day.
Just check out the Triple Threat and the Divas Match.

Overall Grade: D +

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