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Sam BrooksJune 18th, 2015Blog, NewsComments Off on Details on Sheamus’ Money in the Bank Win

Details on Sheamus’ Money in the Bank Win


Why Did Sheamus Win the Case This Year? Future Plans Revealed

In a recent report from the Wrestling Observer, it’s been revealed why the Celtic Warrior/Ultimate Zoidberg fan Sheamus scored a victory at this year’s Money in the Bank event, winning the eponymous briefcase to guarantee him a World Title shot in the future.

According to Meltzer, Sheamus was originally intended to win last year’s Money in the Bank briefcase, which eventual winner Seth Rollins used to start his first run with the belt. In an idea pitched by former WWE writer Kevin Eck, the idea was for Sheamus to make his “long-planned” heel turn by cashing in on a defenseless babyface champion.

The Irish Curse was scheduled to turn heel and face the eternal underdog Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania XXX, but due to the plans changing thanks to a variety of factors (including the departure of CM Punk, the hatred of Batista and the creative changes to Daniel Bryan as such), Sheamus was left out of the shuffle.

After that passed, Sheamus was then the planned winner of the Money in the Bank briefcase, but due to Daniel Bryan vacating the Title, changing the match to be for the belt, Sheamus was once again cast aside, as the plan was for the Title to be won by the best babyface at that moment, who would then drop it to Brock Lesnar later that year (which, of course, was none other than John Cena).

With all of this in mind, it’s likely that Sheamus will not be the one to dethrone Rollins from his spot as Champion, provided we aren’t dealt with a massive swerve. The most likely outcome is that; whichever babyface is scheduled to take the belt from Rollins will be defeated by Sheamus, in a successful cash-in attempt.


Speaking as a fan, it’s very frustrating to learn that Sheamus is as protected as he is, receiving pushes and world title runs when the fans could care less about him as a character. And yet they say Cesaro has no main event pushes planned because he cannot connect with the fans?

Sheamus has been on our screens since 2009; coming up to six years, and he’s changed gimmicks twice. Not as bad as WWE’s stale competitors such as Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler, who wouldn’t be able to change gimmicks if their life depended on it, but every gimmick Sheamus has had has been, for lack of a better term, lackluster. One could argue that when he debuted and received his meteoric push, he was a fresh ingredient to an otherwise bland company. Even when he recently returned as a rejuvenated heel, it was interesting for about a month before he fell into the same old routine.

Despite this, it seems that the higher-ups have a high opinion of Sheamus, and clearly want to see him as the top heel in the company, despite that position already being filled twice over by Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar – although the latter could be disputed, judging by his pops as of late. Point being, there’s absolutely no need for Sheamus to be in the position he’s currently in, let alone his future world title reign. If Reigns is the one to eventually take the Title from Rollins, then we would be getting two of the least-liked competitors in recent memory, the main event.

If you’re not already, this would probably be a good time to become a Kevin Owens fan. At least there’s no briefcase in NXT’s universe.

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