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Andy QuannJune 24th, 2016BlogComments Off on Quann’s Corner: Brand Extension (Spilt)

Quann’s Corner: Brand Extension (Spilt)

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  Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that the WWE are bringing back the Brand Split once again. Now, I have argued that it’s a pretty ridiculous idea… but if executed correctly, it could work. So, after two separate four hour long flights and waiting a few weeks for the dust to settle, I have thought about how it could work. I would also limit the amount of NXT call-ups, so that it wouldn’t ruin that brand entirely.

  My roster, in no particular order (granted these are my main roster picks), would look like this:

  Before you write in the comments critiquing my roster choices, let me explain my reasoning.
  Let’s start with SmackDown. The biggest thing I can imagine people would be questioning is Brock Lesnar. After UFC 200, he will be one of the biggest stars, if not the biggest star, in pro-wrestling. If you truly wish to make fans care about Smackdown, to take it seriously and tune in; make it Suplex City. He is one of the biggest draws in combat sports and pro wrestling: he brings eyeballs to a product which they might not be watching normally, which in turn introduces viewers to future stars, or previously wasted potential. This would be similar for Randy Orton, who is an established veteran at this point, who could have his career re-ignited by putting over the future.
  I would move the Intercontinental title to Smackdown for multiple reasons. For the previous years there was a brand spilt, the World Championship (the “Big Gold Belt”) was seen on the same level as the Intercontinental title. So, why not raise the prestige of the actual Intercontinental title, instead of having a separate belt? Finally, the United States Championship, in the previous brand spilt, was exclusive to Smackdown; by having it on Raw, it makes this brand spilt different to the previous one.
  The talent in my Smackdown roster is a who’s who of talent who have been wasted, or lost in the midcard shuffle, such as Ziggler, Breeze, and Del Rio. These names would get another chance to shine and have compelling storylines and potentially become main eventers.

  The Women’s Championship is on SmackDown in my draft, as it adds to the exclusivity to the brand. My idea would also mean that when the WWE World Champion is not on the show, the Women’s Title becomes a potential World Title. Like in UFC, the Women’s Division’s belts are world titles – the Women’s title would be a potential World championship/Main event title, if booked correctly, on SmackDown too.
  A key point for me about why is Brand Split is happening, is that WWE and the USA Network want more eyes on SmackDown. Dream matches and feuds would be the perfect way to draw viewers. Brock Lesnar VS Samoa Joe, anyone? Brock VS Orton? Nakamura VS Cesaro? Owens VS Orton? Owens VS Brock? The possibilities are endless. But, what about RAW? I would keep Roman on Raw. as SmackDown should be the show for people who don’t like Roman. Thanks to his suspension and poor house show attendance, he should not be a main eventer for a while. Eventually, if he is actually booked correctly, he could face Cena and the torch would be passed. Maybe. But, I would not put Roman on SmackDown, as he is almost toxic at this stage, so he would need a slow push, or maybe even a redemption angle, perhaps turning on the fans.
  The United States title would be exclusive to Raw, as well as the Tag Division. Raw would be the home of tag teams again, to differentiate the brands. Now, I know what you’re thinking (I hope); “But Andy, the Wyatt Family are on Smackdown!” – well noticed. I think the Wyatt Family need full rehabilitation at this point. The aim as a cult group would be to get Bray the World Title, or the IC title. Also, if the Wyatt Family and The Club were both on RAW, this would take away heat from both teams. I would have the Club takeover Raw, but with that you cannot have the Wyatt Family there, as they would fall by the wayside. They could potentially be drafted to Raw at some stage, after they were fully rebuilt as a threat, and once The Club was stopped.
  I would also draft Finn Bálor to Raw. I have two words for you: The Club. He could feud with them, or join them, or he could be a major player without them, as he would be one of a few singles people on the roster. I think he has the potential to be a megastar, and being on a roster full of former world champions would be perfect to build him up. This is the same for Baron Corbin, who has improved leaps and bounds. He has the potential to be huge too.
  My brand spilt as a whole would only have the one World Title for both shows, as it would help the Intercontinental and US titles. I would have the World Title defended on the show that the champion is not normally assigned to, every thirty days, almost emulating a football team winning a World Cup. Just like the World Cup or the Euros, regardless of what domestic clubs the players play for, as a nation they all want to be known as the country with the cup. It can be the same for the brands; the fans could cheer and rally behind their favourite brand member to win the championship, making their brand, by proxy, the best one. Could more titles be added? Sure, why not. Personally I think less is more, but, you could add a Cruiserweight title, for instance.
  I would have valets/managers included with draftees, and NO splitting of teams. I would have NO swapping of titles from brand to brand. This was all overdone in the previous draft, and was a quick fix. Keep everything how it is until it feels stale, but don’t go crazy swapping stuff. Otherwise the whole purpose of the spilt will be pointless. I know that WWE are also, potentially, bringing back old stars. I don’t think that’s a good idea, because the main idea for having the split is to help push fresh talent. Otherwise, it will end up being the situation we have now; people getting lost in the shuffle. So in my draft, I haven’t included any for that reason.
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  So, that’s what I would do. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!
  Until next time Suplah City residents, this has been Quann’s Corner.

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