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Conor McGregor Calls Out WWE (And Why He’s Dumb)

UFC star Conor McGregor went to Twitter to call out the WWE locker room; see how they responded, and why everyone is dumb, on the latest Suplah episode.

Money In The Bank Trivia & Facts

Get all clued up before heading into next Sunday’s Money In The Bank show!

Updates On Brock Lesnar’s Fight At UFC 200

Liam and Andy discuss the game changing news of Lesnar’s UFC fight and what it means for the business

Camp WWE – Episode 1 REVIEW

Liam and Andy review WWE’s latest Network exclusive “Camp WWE”

Details on Sheamus’ Money in the Bank Win

In a report from the Wrestling Observer, it’s been revealed why the Ultimate Zoidberg fan Sheamus scored a victory at this year’s Money in the Bank event…

Hogan and CM Punk have twitter exchange

The Hulkster and Punk have a heated exchange over twitter.

Triple H Is The Best Character In Wrestling

After watching “Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling”, Liam Dunne thinks Max Landis has a point…

Stephanie McMahon Furious At AJ Lee

Did AJ’s tweet go a bit too far?

WWE Sues CM Punk – New Details Surface

WWE has sued CM Punk over comments on Colt Cabana’s podcast

Did Triple H Lie In His Austin Interview?

And who else was surprised that he wanted RAW to go back to 2 hours?

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