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Liam DunneJune 6th, 2016NewsComments Off on Updates On Brock Lesnar’s Fight At UFC 200

Updates On Brock Lesnar’s Fight At UFC 200

With Brock Lesnar confirmed for UFC 200, as one of the co-main event fighters, people have been speculating what this means for Lesnar and, more importantly, the WWE.

Whilst myself and Andy discuss the topic in depth in the video above, more details have emerged concerning the agreement between the two companies.

The full extent of the deal has not been released publicly, for obvious reasons, but what we do know is that, part of the agreement involves UFC to promote their SummerSlam event at UFC 202, which takes place the night before.

Interesting to note, it is at UFC 202 that former WWE Champion CM Punk is expected to make his debut. It’s highly unlikely that the two parties are interested in working together again, but it’s just funny that Punk, who has been very outspoken about his treatment with WWE and his time with the company will be part of the card that will also help promote their next big event.

UPDATE: UFC has announced that Lesnar will be facing Mark Hunt at the show

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