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Andy QuannJune 10th, 2015NewsComments Off on Hogan and CM Punk have twitter exchange

Hogan and CM Punk have twitter exchange


Earlier today, CM Punk and Hulk Hogan took shots at each other over Twitter. The shots were about the Stanley Cup Finals. The hockey match in question featured the Chicago Blackhawks losing to the Tampa Bay Lightning, making them 1-2 in the series.

Well, that escalated quickly.

No one in this is in the right. First, Punk is a UFC fighter now and has never been happier according to reports, so why bother? Second, Hogan is attracting the attention of a UFC fighter, who left the company that pretty much hates him now. Finally, all this is about hockey. Fecking Hockey.

It seems pitiful. Also Eric Bischoff has commented:

This has all sparked an outburst from Hulkamanics and Punk fans. There’s even people wanting to see the match at Wrestlemania 32. Which the majority of the planet, do not.

Anyway, Former wrestlers have opinions on Hockey. There’s nothing more to see here. Move along.

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