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Sam BrooksAugust 12th, 2016The SuplahComments Off on Conor McGregor Calls Out WWE (And Why He’s Dumb)

Conor McGregor Calls Out WWE (And Why He’s Dumb)

Conor McGregor vs WWE, Ryback Officially Released

This week in Suplah City, Liam is replaced by Sam, who makes sure Andy has an absolutely wonderful time on the show, with no bullshit riddles or “celebrity” discussion whatsoever.

Conor McGregor, famous for his bouts in the UFC Octagon, has been talking smack in interviews and on twitter about WWE, drawing the ire of fans and performers alike in the wake of his comments. But why is all of this pointless and dumb? Sam always has the answer to that question.

Also discussed this week; Ryback’s WWE career has come to an end, and Sam is devastated… Andy, however, is a monster with no feelings and couldn’t care less. What could have been with Ryback, and what lies in his future? Our hosts explore his options, and potentially give him a new pet-project to work on…

What are your thoughts on McGregor’s statements? Will you miss Ryback? Comment below!

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