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WWE Raw Reaction (7/14/15)

Seth hates Kane, NXT Divas debuted and Brock attacks Kane. Did I mention Kane? Find out what happened here on the Raw Reaction! Spoilers, maybe more Kane.

WWE Raw Reaction (7/06/15)

Missed Raw? Well, Cena faced Cesaro (again), Brock smashed up a car, Rusev crushed Ziggler and much more. Andy Quann fills you in on what happened on Raw.

WWE Raw Results (6/22/15)

Missed Raw? Don’t worry, We have you covered.

WWE Raw Results (6/15/15)

Seth, welcome to Suplex City. Missed it? We will fill you in.

WWE Raw Results (6/08/15)

Missed RAW? Never fear, we have you covered.

New Details on Brock Lesnar’s WWE TV Return

So, the secret is out; former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar is scheduled to return to WWE TV on June 22nd. However, one thing everyone is unsure of is why he’s coming back so soon… until now.

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