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WWE Raw Reaction (7/14/15)


WWE Raw Reaction: Quick Results & Segment Highlights:

The show starts with J&J’s destroyed Cadillac CTS being brought out – Cole calls it a metaphor, making it no longer a metaphor. Paul Heyman is excited for history to be made again on Sunday; for once Brock will be a challenger. He plugs Brock beating Rock for the WWE title in 2002, his UFC title win against Randy Couture and last year winning the WWE title. He blames Seth for the title loss, but says that Brock will leave champion. Seth interrupts, and says he will wipe the smile off of Brock’s face. After destroying the car, Brock paraded it around the country as a symbol for what he will do to Seth. Seth says his symbol is his title, and once again says he will burn Suplex City to the ground. Brock says he will take Seth to Suplex City tonight, bitch. Kane announces the main event; a contract signing.

Next, Roman Reigns interfered and attacked Bray in a Bray Wyatt/Dean Ambrose match, before it even began. Poor Ambrose, stuck in purgatory. Also Bray was wearing an apron, for no reason.

Ryback and Orton won their match against Big Show (sigh) and Sheamus (sigh) via a custerfuck finish. Miz got involved and Show chased Miz up the ramp. As the illegal man, Orton RKO’d Sheamus, for Ryback then to hit a Frog Splash on Sheamus for the win.

Mark Henry and the Primetime Players defeated the New Day. Afterwards, Henry and PTP did the Millions of Dollars dance.

The greatest thing of the year happened next; Team Bella came out and cut a promo, and were interrupted by Stephanie McMahon, who introduced a revolution in the Divas division. She brings out Paige, who allies herself with… BECKY LYNCH and CHARLOTTE. But Naomi interrupts saying she has beef with the Bellas and Paige. Steph says that she is right to be a part of all this and introduces SASHA MOTHERFUCKING BANKS. <3 <3 <3 All three NXT divas eventually clean house and hit their signature submissions on Alicia Fox and the Bella twins. With the Bellas and Fox retreating and the two teams of Paige/Charlotte/Lynch and Naomi/Banks/Tamina standing off in the ring. Steph is happy. Thank you Steph. nxt-divas-raw-665x385-660x330

Cena took on Rusev for the US title challenge, after Rusev won a triple threat match earlier against Owens and Cesaro, to determine who faced Cena. Owens interrupts Rusev’s accolade and pop-up powerbombs Rusev and stands over a fallen Cena.

Barrett and R-Truth had a match. They face each other at Battleground to determine who is actually King of the Ring… moving on…

The cast of Tough Enough appeared on Raw. I don’t watch it, so… moving on…

Stardust returns. He cuts a promo on gravity and Neville, and tells us to embrace the strange. I hate nonsensical promos. This is my idea of Hell. What is also my idea of hell is Neville losing, which he did, via Stardust holding the tights. Neville is done. He shouldn’t be losing matches.

The contract signing ends the show. Heyman wants Seth’s hands on the table… I don’t get why. So Brock goes and flips over the table, and underneath is… A GIANT STICK. OMG NOOOOO NOT A GIANT FUCKING STICK, WHAT WILL SETH DO? Brock allows Seth to grab the stick, and Brock flips the table in his face and German Suplexes Seth. Kane (sigh) pulls Brock out of the ring, Seth tries a dive on Brock, but gets caught. Kane saves Seth from an F5 on the outside and stomps on Brock. Seth tries to Pedigree Brock on the steps, but Brock drives Seth into the barricade and hits Kane with an F5 on the outside. Seth runs for his life. Brock breaks Kane’s foot by doing a Con-Chair-To… but with the steel steps. Seth comes back and takes the piss out of Kane calling him nothing, and walks off leaving Kane there.


Opinion time:
Raw was meh. Heyman was awesome as ever and the NXT Diva’s Debut was amazing. But Rusev losing, Neville losing and the possibility of the Seth Rollins / Kane feud starting up again makes me angry. Please god I don’t want the Monster to come back or a match at Summerslam. If that happens I’m cancelling the network. This is the last time I will say this; F**k off Kane. Seriously. Go way.
Just check out the NXT divas thing.

Overall Grade: C-

Also, I apologise for the short reactions this week, unfortunately stuff in my personal life has got in the way. Before you ask, it isn’t the streak ending.

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