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Andy QuannJune 9th, 2015Blog, NewsComments Off on WWE Raw Results (6/08/15)

WWE Raw Results (6/08/15)

Quick Results:
NXT Title Match: Champion Kevin Owens defeated Neville @ 13:53 via pin
Non-Title Match: Champion Nikki Bella defeated Summer Rae @ 2:15 via pin
Sheamus defeated Randy Orton @ 13:10 via DQ
Kane defeated Dolph Ziggler @ 9:42 via pin
Harper and Rowan defeated Los Matadores @ 2:18 via pin
Big E defeated Titus O’Neil @ 3:05 via pin
Roman Reigns defeated Kofi Kingston @ 12:07 via pin
Handicap Match: J&J Security defeated Champion Seth Rollins @ 9:08 via pin

Notable Segments:
Show starts off with the Cens US Open Challenge instead of The Authority for once. Says that the rematch on Sunday will be the most anticipated match in WWE History. Owens interrupts, he says Cena is delusional if he thinks he is winning and if he thinks people want to see him. He says the people are tired of Cena. Owens says that they will do something different, a NXT Title open challenge. Cena accepts, lol wtf. Owens refuses because of their match is on Sunday. Owens says that the person that comes down that ramp will choose what title to fight for. Neville chose the NXT Title.
J&J Security were not happy with Seth Rollins. Seth said that he didn’t need them in this corner. Jamie says Joey is sensitive. But they will be honoured being in his corner. Seth says he will do win back the title on his own and the only reason he brought J&J in was because he felt sorry for them. He made them relevant. In return all he wanted was competence. Jamie says, screw you. Without them, Seth wouldn’t be champion. He even states they are Shield 2.0. Seth challenges them to a match.
All the members of the MITB match cut promos and take turns ripping into each other stating they will win. But R-Truth comes out and Kane says he isn’t in the match. New Day state they all will be Money in the Bank. Kane announces Neville will be in the match and Randy Orton.
Rusev comes out on crutches during Dolph’s match and argues with Lana, who falls off the ramp.
MizTV hosts Ryback. Big Show interrupts and says he’s a giant… blah blah blah. No one cares. Ryback hits the shellshock on Big Show.
Dean Ambrose cost Seth the match, steals the WWE title back and then poses up a ladder holding the title.

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