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The biggest shows in the week of wrestling are examined here; from WWE to NJPW, the results and candid thoughts from the Suplah hosts can be found here.

WWE Royal Rumble ’19 Review, Multiple Stars Departing?

Sam and Andy discuss the Royal Rumble, the fallout on Raw and SmackDown, and the spate of releases/requests for releases that are seemingly plaguing WWE right now…

The Suplah – End of Year Awards 2018

Andy, Brendan, and Sam all take a look back on 2018 in wrestling, honouring the best and worst performances of the year! 2018 had ups and downs, all examined within…

Enzo Amore Drops Debut Single (Live Reactions)

Enzo Amore dropped his new single, “Phoenix” on World Star Hip-hop earlier this week, and Sam and Carmine decide to react to it live. What will they think?

WWE Fastlane 2018 Review (Better Than Expected?)

WWE Fastlane has come and gone, and the Road to WrestleMania has officially begun – did low expectations help this PPV? Sam and Andy discuss this week…

WWE Elimination Chamber Review (And WrestleMania News)

Sam and Andy review WWE’s Elimination Chamber PPV, where Roman Reigns predictably picked up a win, and Ronda Rousey made her second appearance…

The Suplah: END OF YEAR AWARDS – 2017

The annual End of Year Awards is here, talking everything wrestling in 2017: from the best to the worst of the year, and getting heated over certain topics?

Survivor Series 2017 Review (And Why It Fell Apart)

Sam and Andy discuss Survivor Series, Paige’s return, NXT talent moving up, Roman Reigns earning his Grand Slam, and the new PPV schedule for 2018…

WWE TLC 2017 Review (And Why It Sucked)

WWE TLC has come and gone, but why did it not live up to the hype? Also discussed; plans for Survivor Series, including The Rock and Steve Austin…

WWE SummerSlam 2017 Review (And Why It Sucked)

SummerSlam saw title changes, beach balls, and superstars moving to different shows – various headlines, and more, discussed this week on The Suplah.

WWE Battleground 2017 Review (Worst PPV of the Year?)

WWE Battleground stories; the Great Khali’s return, the AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens ending, possible Superstar Shake-up after SummerSlam, and more…

WWE Money in the Bank 2017 Review (And Why It’s Solid)

Sam and Andy come to blows on WWE Money in the Bank 2017, and it’s controversial booking; from Carmella winning the briefcase to Mahal/Orton round 2…

WWE Extreme Rules 2017 Review (And Why We’re Surprised)

The Suplah review WWE Extreme Rules, where Brock Lesnar’s next opponent was decided, Dean Ambrose couldn’t get disqualified, and Bayley went down a peg…

Jinder Mahal NEW WWE Champion (And Why That’s Bad)

Jinder Mahal won the WWE Championship from Randy Orton at Backlash; why do Liam, Sam, and Andy not agree with the results? Find out on this week’s show.

WWE Payback 2017 Review (And Why It Was Average)

Sam and Andy review WWE Payback 2017, talk Great Balls of Fire, the Charlotte Flair leak, and Adam Cole coming to WWE…

WWE Fastlane Review (And Why We’re Angry)

Sam and Andy take a look at Fastlane, why WWE booked things the way they did, and what WrestleMania looks like now…

Randy Orton Forfeits Rumble Win? (And What’s Next)

This week; Sam and Andy review Elimination Chamber, discuss the end of Team Kevin and Chris, and Randy Orton potentially abandoning his Rumble win…

WWE Royal Rumble Review (And Rollins’ Injury Talk)

Sam and Andy review the 2017 Royal Rumble, look at the WrestleMania card, and Seth Rollins’ re-injury from Raw on this week’s Suplah.

WWE TLC 2016 Review (It Was Alright)

WWE TLC has been and gone, NXT might be going live, and Lita might have been released… Sam and Andy talk the latest news on The Suplah this week.

TNA Has New Owners (And Why We’re Surprised)

Liam and Andy discuss the disappointing main event of Hell in a Cell, TNA’s new ownership and Billy Corgan’s lawsuit, and the riddles continue…

WWE Clash of Champions Review (And Why TNA Might Die)

Clash of Champions has come and gone; what were its problems? TNA has hours left before they fold; will anyone save them? Sam and Andy discuss.

DELETE OR DECAY: Reaction Compilation (Final Deletion II)

TNA has followed up on Final Deletion with a second instalment, Delete or Decay; see The Suplah’s collective reactions to the match/segment here…

WWE Weekly Review (Raw & SmackDown Live): 8/1 – 8/2

Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar attack each other on enemy turf, as the Road to SummerSlam heats up – see the results and Sam’s review of the week in WWE here!

WWE Weekly Review (Raw & SmackDown Live): 7/25 – 7/26

See what Sam Brooks thought about the WWE’s usual “worst PPV of the year”, and the Raw and SmackDown Live following, leading into SummerSlam…

WWE Battleground 2016 Review (Best PPV of the Year?)

Liam and Andy review the events of Battleground 2016, giving their thoughts on the Draft, and the difference between “voluptous” and “succulent”.

THE FINAL DELETION: Reaction Compilation (HARDY vs HARDY)

The Suplah sit down to watch the highly-anticipated Final Deletion match, between Matt and Jeff Hardy, from TNA Impact Wrestling.

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