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Sam BrooksMarch 9th, 2017The Suplah, The Suplah ReviewsComments Off on WWE Fastlane Review (And Why We’re Angry)

WWE Fastlane Review (And Why We’re Angry)

Goldberg Becomes Universal Champion, Roman Reigns Defeats Braun Strowman

This week on the Suplah, Sam and Andy take a look at the last PPV before WrestleMania 33; Raw’s Fastlane. Goldberg killed Kevin Owens to become the new Universal Champion, Bayley ended Charlotte’s undefeated PPV streak, and Roman Reigns became the first person to pin Braun Strowman… where do we begin?

The controversy surrounding this event eclipses some of the better parts; the match that Reigns and Strowman had, the Cruiserweight title match, and even Sami Zayn vs Samoa Joe… but are the negative aspects enough to affect the PPV as a whole? Sam thinks so, and Andy is inclined to agree…

In other news, more WrestleMania matches have been made in the wake of Fastlane, with SmackDown also laying down some new matches for the biggest event of the wrestling year; see what our hosts think in this week’s edition of The Suplah!

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