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THE FINAL DELETION: Reaction Compilation (HARDY vs HARDY)

TNA’s The Final Deletion (Hardy vs Hardy) Reaction Compilation

Suplah City… we knew you’d come. Liam, Andy, Sam, Carmine and Brendan sit down and watch TNA’s latest viral sensation. Broken Matt Hardy faces off against Jeff Hardy, in a match hyped up for the centuries, involving gasoline, tazers, and tree-jumping.

After a vicious “I Quit” match between the rivalling brothers, Jeff Hardy is attacked by multiple versions of his own alter-ego, Willow. After several weeks, Matt Hardy reveals himself as the perpetrator. A match at Slammiversary is made, with the contract signing going down in history as one of the best-worst segments in TNA. Jeff picks up the win over his brother at the event.

The brothers faced off in a Six Sides of Steel match after the fact, with Jeff once again victorious. Matt challenges his brother to a final match, in their home in Cameron, North Carolina. Matt vows to destroy his brother, deleting him from the world, becoming the sole owner of the Hardy brand…

What were your thoughts on the match? Did you love it, or hate it? Comment below!

Carmine’s FULL Reaction

Liam and Andy’s FULL Reactions

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