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Sam BrooksNovember 4th, 2016The Suplah, The Suplah ReviewsComments Off on TNA Has New Owners (And Why We’re Surprised)

TNA Has New Owners (And Why We’re Surprised)

Dixie Carter No Longer Majority Owner of TNA, Women Headline WWE Main Event for First Time

What’s that? The Suplah has a new theme song? Join us on this week’s episode to enter a new chapter of Suplah City’s history…

The culmination of several months of conflict, revelations, and general depression have seemingly come to a close, as TNA Wrestling now has new owners… Anthem Sports, who also own the Fight Network.

Dixie Carter is no longer in power, with her shares reduced to a mere 5%… Meanwhile, Billy Corgan is now completely out of the company, with the other side painting Corgan as the devil incarnate. But what do Liam and Andy think of the entire debacle?


In other news, Hell in a Cell has come and gone, but Liam and Andy aren’t too happy with the fact that the women closed out the show… but not for the reasons you’d think.

Discussing the notion of women main-eventing a PPV for the first time in history, and talking about the disappointing match that ensued, Liam and Andy walk very carefully to avoid triggering anyone. They probably fail.

A new show on the WWE Network is set to premiere, starring the Cruiserweight Division! 205 Live stars airing at the end of November, immediately following SmackDown/Talking Smack – see why Liam and Andy are both surprised and confused here.

Andy’s riddle streak continues on as we approach the end of the year, but when a new Streak makes it’s debut appearance, can any of us truly be spared from the riddles?

What are some of your thoughts on the TNA drama? Did you find Hell in a Cell disappointing? Comment below!

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