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Sam BrooksMarch 1st, 2018The Suplah, The Suplah ReviewsComments Off on WWE Elimination Chamber Review (And WrestleMania News)

WWE Elimination Chamber Review (And WrestleMania News)

Roman Reigns Wins Elimination Chamber, Should It Have Been Braun?

On this week’s show: Sam and Andy review WWE’s Elimination Chamber PPV, discussing the first-ever Women’s Chamber match, “Woken” Matt Hardy, and Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman…

Raw’s last PPV before WrestleMania 34 had highs and lows, with highlights including Ronda Rousey putting Triple H through a table, a polarising Braun Strowman performance inside the Men’s Chamber match, and the feuds advancing in the Women’s Division, most notably between Bayley and Sasha Banks, capped off by a stand-out promo from Alexa Bliss. As for what happened in-between the two Chamber matches, a lot was left to the imagination.

WrestleMania looks a lot clearer after this show, but is Andy happy with the way things are going? Sam looks to get to the bottom of his barrel this week on the show…

What did you think of Elimination Chamber? Are you excited for WrestleMania? Comment below!

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