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The Suplah has a wide variety of content; old shows from our past can be found here!

Comics on Comics – Issue #2: Deadpool (2016)

Liam, Sam and Carmine join together for a second edition of Comics on Comics, as they discuss and review the R-rated surprise hit of the year, Deadpool!

How To Fix WWE RAW – Keelan’s Call

How would you make WWE RAW less formulaic and more entertaining? Keelan shares some simple ideas that are already at WWE’s disposal.

Comics On Comics – Issue #1- Fantastic Four (2005)

Liam, Carmine and Sam kick start a new show here on The Suplah. Join them as they review the 2005 Marvel/Fox comic book movie “Fantastic Four”…

Total Divas Review: Eat Your Heart Out [S4E3]

Peace talk between Nikki and Eva ends badly, Brie and Bryan’s fertility test result is in, and Paige is excited for her first WrestleMania.

The Suplah Brawl: PENANCE [Press Conference]

We are gathered here today to witness the bitching and moaning of all our beloved Suplah Brawl combatants in the wake of Uprising, and hype for Penance…

Zayn SLAPS Neville! (NXT Review)

It’s the go-home show before R: Evolution! Sami Zayn slaps Adrian Neville, Sasha Banks stands tall over Charlotte, and Kevin Owens tells his story…

Finn Balor vs Tyson Kidd! (NXT Review)

Finn Balor makes his in-ring debut, and we learn the reason why Kevin Owens is in NXT…

Daniel Bryan & Anonymous GM Return

On this weeks show: The hosts react to the fallout from Survivor Series, which includes a surprise return from Daniel Bryan


Sami Zayn addresses Adrian Neville, and a special vignette airs for a special someone known as Kevin Owens…

Luke Harper WINS the IC TITLE

Luke Harper claims Dolph Ziggler’s Intercontinental Championship, and Eric Rowan and Ryback join Team Cena.

Sami Zayn vs Adrian Neville

Sami Zayn ends his road to redemption against Adrian Neville, and Finn Balor debuts in-ring!

Luke Harper joins Team Authority

Luke Harper makes a surprise return, and each Survivor Series team fights to get new members. Meanwhile, John Cena squares off with Ryback.

Finn Balor DEBUTS

Sam and Carmine fanboy over the appearance of FINN BALOR, and have too much fun singing a certain theme song.

Sami Zayn Dominates!

Sami Zayn squares off against Titus O’Neil on his road to redemption, and the new contenders for the NXT Tag Team Titles are decided… in a BATTLE ROYAL.

Team Cena Formed? – RAW REVIEW

Sam and Ellie review a standard edition of Raw, complete with an actual build to a future PPV. Also, Australia is Nazis.

Neville Defends, Bayley Betrayed – NXT REVIEW

Sam and Carmine review an action packed NXT, complete with a title defense, a betrayal, and a good variety of impressions.


Sam and Ellie react to Mick Foley’s surprise appearance, rage over Divas and mid-carders, and critique the card for the upcoming Hell in a Cell PPV.


Sam and Carmine review a jam-packed NXT, including the debut of CARMELLA, and a solid array of matches. Technical difficulties be damned.

Zayn vs O’Neil – NXT REVIEW

Sam and Carmine yell their way through an awesome edition of NXT. Goo Goo Dolls included.

The Rock Returns! – RAW REVIEW

Sam can’t handle the Rock returning, and Ellie makes some noise. And the main event now contains hot dogs.

Tyson’s Last Chance – NXT REVIEW

Brooks is Andy, and Carmine is speculating. Tyson Kidd’s last chance at the NXT gold is here, as is the Women’s Championship rematch from Takeover.

Seth Rollins gets Slimed – Raw Review

Sam and Ellie review an episode of Raw not too out of place amongst a Saturday morning cartoon. Potential vibrators included.

Tag Team Title REMATCH! – NXT Review

On this weeks show: Brooks and Carmine review an NXT with two rematches, and discuss the future of the title pictures… AND MUCH MORE!

Dean Ambrose Is Back

Brooks throws in the blood stained towel and quits Raw Review… until someone saves the day … Also Dean Ambrose is back.

The Cena Manhandles Heyman Episode of RAW

John Cena manhandles a manipulative Heyman on RAW, and Reigns vs Rollins comes early.

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