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Sam BrooksJuly 22nd, 2015Other ShowsComments Off on Total Divas Review: Eat Your Heart Out [S4E3]

Total Divas Review: Eat Your Heart Out [S4E3]

Total Divas: Season 4 Episode 3 – Eat Your Heart Out

Sam can’t tell the difference between a lion and a tiger, and Ellie tells the tale of how she once met Travis Barker: welcome to the filler episode of Total Divas Review!

The “Eva Marie vs The Locker Room” saga continues, as Nikki tries to make peace with Eva Marie, only for things to become worse than before. Natalya’s Hall of Fame speech is put in jeopardy, and she must find a way around it.

Brie and Bryan get the results of their fertility test back. Paige experiences her first WrestleMania, and gets emotional as a result.

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