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Sam BrooksJuly 15th, 2015The Suplah ReviewsComments Off on Total Divas Review: She Said, She Said [S4E2]

Total Divas Review: She Said, She Said [S4E2]

Total Divas Review – “She Said, She Said” (Series 4, Episode 2)

Brie fears she has fertility issues; Nattie fears her dad may relapse; and Paige fears getting a tan… it’s Total Divas Review!

Sam and Ellie only just realise what they’ve let themselves in for, as the Diva train chugs its way through WrestleMania season; everyone still can’t stop arguing about Eva Marie, Trinity seems to be the only sane woman left, and we get some fun with Paige preparing for the Hall of Fame ceremony.

Morals of this episode include; be yourself, and women always have it worse, so don’t complain about masturbating into a cup. Perfect.

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