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Sam BrooksAugust 12th, 2015The Suplah ReviewsComments Off on Total Divas Review: “Good Diva, Bad Diva”

Total Divas Review: “Good Diva, Bad Diva”


Total Divas: “Good Diva, Bad Diva” [S4E6] Review

On this week’s edition of Total Divas; “Naomi” gets the breaking news that she turns heel! Trinity can’t handle the idea of being a bad guy, so it’s up to Jon Uso to teach her how to be bad…

Nikki and Brie fight over Bryan’s health, which has him pulled from the European Tour and could potentially end his career – Brie is oddly calm about the entire thing, and Nikki is very confused.

Natalya lies to everybody about everything, as she and TJ prepare to move house – Nattie’s sister Jenny comes to visit, according to Nattie, to help the moving-in process… little does he know that Jenny is there to stay – how many lies does Nattie tell this episode? Take a drink every time she does.

Meanwhile, Sam tries to get the Tamina Fan Club off the ground, and Ellie almost melts into a puddle of tiredness. Will they survive? Find out here, on the latest edition of the Total Divas Review!

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