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Liam DunneApril 15th, 2015News1 Comment ยป

Taz Misses TV Taping!

It appears that the Human Suplex Machine no showed his commentary booth commitments for TNA this past week for TNA’s next TV show.

Reports are indicating that there is currently some heat between Taz and TNA management over the issue of payments, or lack there of, by the company. As an FU to the way TNA is handling the way they are paying their employees, Taz decided not to fly from New York to Nashville at the last minute and without informing the company.

Further more, the former ECW champion has removed any reference to TNA on his twitter account, take that for what it’s worth.

Instead Josh Matthews commentated the show solo a-la Joey Styles. There’s a chance that the commentary could be re-recorded with a second individual, potentially Al Snow who the company has been testing out recently, but we will only find out when the next episode airs.

Officials are stating that Taz will be punished for his unprofessionalism.

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