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Sam BrooksApril 2nd, 2015News2 Comments ยป

Sheamus Working Recklessly on SmackDown?


Returning WWE Superstar Potentially Working Too Rough In-Ring

After making his anticipated return this past Monday on Raw, the “Celtic Warrior” Sheamus made his in-ring return on SmackDown, in a match against the new Intercontinental Champion Daniel Bryan. In a segment due to air tonight on the show, Sheamus debuts a new theme song and attitude, stating how he’s returned to “crush the hopes and dreams” of the WWE Universe and their “underdogs”, like Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler.

In the match that followed, however, some say that Sheamus worked somewhat recklessly during the match, not protecting Bryan enough during certain spots. The match culminated in Bryan being busted open, bleeding a substantial amount – 7 stitches were needed to close up the wound.

Watch the main event segment on SmackDown to see for yourself what happened – leave a comment below giving your thoughts on the new Sheamus we’re seeing as of late.

Editor’s Note: As unpopular as this opinion might be, especially among the Suplah co-hosts, I am actually starting to like this new Sheamus. Granted, he does look slightly stupid with the haircut and braided beard, but everything else about him is a welcome difference in contrast to his former character.

The promo that he delivers is on point, and gives the character a clear motivation going forward. Whilst I’m hardly eager to see yet another re-hash of Bryan/Sheamus, I’m keen to see what happens in the coming weeks regarding the Great White.

And his new theme song is totally badass.

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