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Roman Reigns Invented Punching


In a recent interview with Sam Roberts, WWE Superstar Roman Reigns states his claim to inventing punching.

In a bout of breaking news, Reigns claims that he has also made tackling his own move. In what some may view as complete nonsense, the 2015 Royal Rumble winner also claimed that an inability to “lock up” with him automatically dispels any criticism he gets from the fans of WWE, the “WWE Universe”. Reigns can be quoted as saying:

“The majority of critics are people who have no clue what they’re talking about, been in a wrestling ring, been a public speaker, and wouldn’t even lock up with me. They would have no clue what to do. So, for them to critique or ever say anything about any performer is asinine and just blows my mind.”

Reigns spoke further about his ambitions within WWE: “My goal is hopefully make everyone happy and be satisfied with the product that I’ve created. People don’t realize is I created a product – a Superman punch – and taken a spear and made it my own. There’s a lot of things that I’ve done that I’ve created, so there’s a lot of opinions that I have that I’m not going to budge on.”


In a bizarre move, it seems that the teachings of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, who’s been known to write promos for Reigns, have been rubbing off on the rising superstar.

Other superstars in wrestling history to use the spear in the past include Batista, Bobby Lashley, Edge, and various western Chimpanzees. The use of the “punch” in wrestling history has been utilized by, but not limited to; all active wrestlers throughout history.

As it pertains to the prefix of “Superman” in the “Superman Punch” move, whilst Reigns may lay claim to creating it, the term actually dates back to the early 1930’s, in the lesser-known medium of DC Comics, with their own character, “Superman”.

In related news, it’s been rumoured that fellow WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan has deglared declared in interviews to have invented the word “Yes”, and that “Mr. Money in the Bank”, Seth Rollins, has professed to inventing terrible theme music. More on this as it develops.


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