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Sam BrooksFebruary 3rd, 2015News1 Comment »

JBL Commentary Draws Controversy


In a strange turn of events, WWE commentator JBL has attracted controversy by once again opening his mouth and forming sentences. This time, however, the controversy is somewhat justified. On this week’s Monday Night Raw, during a match between Ryback and Luke Harper, JBL remarked that Harper resembled a “Zombie Eddie Guerrero” as he executed a top rope move.

JBL was quick to respond to the criticism, addressing the matter on his Facebook page:

“The spot with Luke Harper I saw some Twitter comments over. I had just mentioned Walking Dead show and Luke does the ‘Eddie’ spot over the top rope, my comment (since I had mentioned Rick Grimes before toward Luke) was ‘it looks like a zombie Eddie Guerrero’. This was a WALKING DEAD reference toward Luke-who I have said before looks like a ‘walker’.

I would NEVER insult my friend Eddie, for those who took it wrong-sorry about that, but it is what it is.”


There have mostly been two schools of thought here: the ever-present “Anti-JBL” camp, who believe that he should be removed from commentary for being one of the worst Heel commentators, and the group that believe this has been taken out of context, and that this is nothing out of the ordinary from the commentary team.

EN: Personally, I think that the commentary team has been a shambles and a joke for the longest time recently. If it were up to me, which of course it isn’t, I would shake up the current teams to the point where JBL is nowhere to be seen, and that Michael Cole is given a day off.

In regards to this particular controversy, I see it as nothing more than a shilled in pop-culture reference thrown out there by someone trying desperately to remain relevant, despite his track record on previous WWE events proving otherwise.

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