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Andy QuannApril 14th, 2015News1 Comment »

Is Daniel Bryan Hurt?

There is speculation that Daniel Bryan is hurt right now. Dave Meltzer has noted that “Daniel Bryan is not doing well” and that “they’re protecting him a lot right now”. There have also been reports of Bryan not taking bumps during the recent UK Tour and taking part in multiple traditional and six man tag team matches to protect him.

Daniel Bryan has noted in interviews that he went through a unique type of rehab. This has been compared to with Kurt Angle’s fusion surgery in 2003 and with Edge’s fusion surgery. Both Angle and Edge continue (or in Edge’s case continued right up to retirement) to have neck problems and Edge has even admitted that he should have had traditional surgery. This all does not bode well for Daniel, as he had a similar surgery.

But it must be stressed that this is speculation. Nothing is confirmed by WWE or Bryan. Nor the actual extent of how hurt Bryan is confirmed either.

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