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Sam BrooksApril 9th, 2016The Suplah, The Suplah ReviewsComments Off on WrestleMania 32 + Post-Raw Review (Worst ‘Mania Ever?)

WrestleMania 32 + Post-Raw Review (Worst ‘Mania Ever?)

WrestleMania 32 and Post-Raw Review; New Faces, Returning Apathy

Battling back the barrage of blasted technical difficulties, Sam and Andy take the helm of the annual Suplah WrestleMania review.

Roman Reigns is your new champion, Tatanka and Zack Ryder fell back down to Earth, and Shane McMahon took part in the most redundant brutality in recent memory.

What did Sam and Andy think about the card? Check out their thoughts here, and leave a comment below with your own!

Are you happy with how WrestleMania season played out? Are you excited for Payback?

EN: Due to the infamous technical difficulties, we did record this episode with video in mind, but we had to settle for an audio-only edition of the show for this week. Comment reading, riddle solving and videos will resume next week!

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