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Sam BrooksSeptember 23rd, 2016The Suplah1 Comment ยป

TNA Up for Sale Again (Would WWE Buy Them?)

WWE and ROH Place Bids for TNA; Potential Outcomes Discussed)

TNA is up for sale yet again, and the rumour mill is running strong in regards to potential buyers. According to Dave Meltzer, there is speculation that WWE and ROH have both placed bids on TNA, both of which were declined by TNA itself, for being too small…

What would WWE do to TNA should they buy it? Could ROH be the ones to purchase TNA after so many years of rivalling each other? See what Liam, Andy and Sam think on the latest episode of The Suplah.

Meanwhile, Andy has achieved something we never thought would happen… he’s finally reached 100 losses in the Riddle Streak.

For this, Andy had to partake in a pre-determined forfeit… chicken covered in Buffalo sauce, which for some reason Andy fears. However, Liam took it upon himself to intensify the situation… see what went down here.

What are your thoughts on the potential purchase of TNA by WWE or ROH? Comment below!

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