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Del Rio, Paige & Eva Marie SUSPENDED! (And 2K17 Discussion)

Del Rio, Paige, Eva Marie Suspended for Wellness Policy Violations

The week caught on fire whilst we were recording this week’s episode, and everyone who started the fire has been suspended for drug-test failures.

A growing list of superstars, including Alberto Del Rio, Paige, and now Eva Marie, have each been suspended for 30 days, due to their first violation of the wellness policy… and it all had to happen whilst Liam and Andy were recording the show, talking about WWE 2K17. Because why should anything be easy?

Also discussed is the upcoming instalment of the WWE 2K series, with WWE 2K17. Featuring all new superstars, updated animations, and a bunch of other new features, could Liam and Andy be any more excited? Probably not. But only time will tell.

Andy’s struggle with the riddles continue, but he reaches a new low this week. We could never see it coming, but he managed to get his score even lower than before. Is there any saving him?


Andy’s Comments on the Eva Marie Suspension

Well, I have no idea what’s happening… the news keeps coming. It did seem that Eva was en route for a major push; could they use this as a part of the storyline? Sure. There is no denying that this is a huge blow to Smackdown, as this was one of its best angles going, with Eva consistently postponing matches. Eva gains nuclear heat and if I like her or not, the angle on Smackdown is perfect for her, and it is pretty entertaining. They could always just continue where she left off, but, I think this could hurt her standing in a political sense. Being brought in for Total Divas, and now this, could land her some heat.

I also fear that anyone could be next. Did they all go to one huge party or something? Regardless, I think the hangover isn’t over yet, and we’re not out of the woods, I think. I hope I’m wrong for once, and no one else is popped for anything, especially so close to Summerslam.

What are your thoughts on all of these suspensions? Are you excited for 2K17? Comment below!

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