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Adam Rose Suspended Indefinitely (Does He Deserve It?)

WWE Star Arrested for Domestic Violence; Will He Be Fired?

So, it’s once again time to mourn “what could have been”, with another WWE talent that’s met an unfortunate fate.

A few months ago, it was Wade/Bad News/King Barrett. Last week, it was Damien Sandow. And now, weirdly enough, it’s Social Outcasts member Adam Rose. Raymond “Adam Rose” Leppan was arrested on the morning of the 11th of May, by The Hillsborough, Florida Sheriff’s office at 1:30am ET. He was charged with Tampering With a Witness and Battery Domestic Violence.

According to TMZ: “Shackled and sporting an orange jail jumpsuit, WWE superstar Adam Rose appeared in Florida court Thursday in his domestic violence case … where his wife begged the judge to cut the guy a break. The judge also set a low bond — $1,000 — which means Rose will probably be out of custody by the end of the day. He’s been ordered to see his pastor for counseling once a week until his next court date in June.”

But the big question at hand here is; does Adam Rose deserve this misfortune? Garnering the questionable suspension, running into legal troubles, and potentially losing his spot in the company he’s been a part of since 2010. Liam, Jainni, Andy and Sam give their thoughts on the situation.

Also discussed; WWE’s recently released talent and their next steps, “Bad News Balls” Wade Barrett’s career in Japan, and Andy Quann’s conquest of the Pee-Wee division.

What are some of your thoughts on Adam Rose, the released talent, and Bad News Balls? Leave a comment below, and you could be featured on next week’s episode!

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