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Carmine AntonelliJanuary 30th, 2015Blog1 Comment ยป

Is Bryan Vs Ziggler a Slap In the Face?

bryan vs ziggler

In recent developments on Twitter, Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler have started to book themselves in a match for Wrestlemania 31 (a.k.a. “Play Button”). Shortly after, WWE have given hints that this match may indeed happen…but should it?

According to backstage sources, WWE have no desire to give Daniel Bryan a main event push (this is starting to sound very familiar), and there are no plans for him in the title picture anytime soon. His surprisingly early elimination from the Royal Rumble this year may have been a warning sign.

With this being said, the rumored match between Ziggler and Bryan is currently slated to open this years Wrestlemania. To sum it all up, this match isn’t being booked as some dream match with a deep storyline of pent up frustration, where the winner will be given the highest reward. Instead this match is being thrown together, and mentally thrown away, because WWE officials have no desire to give these two performers anything worthwhile to do.

However, I may be taking this all the wrong way. What do you think of these rumors? Do you think the fans can pull Bryan to another championship, and can they do the same for Ziggler?


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