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Liam DunneJune 6th, 2017NewsComments Off on WWE Theme Park Ideas Leaked

WWE Theme Park Ideas Leaked

Forrec, a company who specialises in creating theme park attractions, has released a copy of their manuscript that they send to potential clients, containing new ideas and existing rides, to showcase their work.

What is most interesting though, is that from Page 26 (which you can read in PDF format here) shows a collection of pictures involving WWE stars and branding.

These potential projects include rides with signature WWE moves like the Moonsault, the Rock Bottom and one geared around Suplex City. Others include a rebranded ride on Triple H’s Sledgehammer and a dark ride called Road to WrestleMania. There was a roller coaster held up by a large John Cena and a Kuka-arm style ride that sits in the middle of a wrestling ring.

Forrec mentions that they designed rides and experiences to be held either in existing resorts or to be created in a brand new park themed specifically around WWE. However, if it is the former, it seems like WWE would be aiming for a space in Orlando Florida, the home of WrestleMania 33 and rival promotion, Impact Wrestling.

Editor’s note: I hope that WWE licences these rides and brands out to existing parks instead of trying to create a brand new theme park. Resorts like this are EXTREMELY expensive and aren’t expected to even turn a profit for a decade. Not to mention that development for parks of this nature can take years, and knowing the quick turnaround WWE has for Superstars and shows they make, by the time a ride is finished, it could be out of date. Take the WWE 2K games as an example. Stick to wrestling guys!

What do you think? Excited for a potential WWE ride/theme park? Let us know in the comments below!

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