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Liam DunneJuly 21st, 2017NewsComments Off on WWE TapMania Review

WWE TapMania Review

WWE has been venturing more into mobile games, as that seems to be where the gaming industry as a whole is gravitating towards.

After the success of WWE Supercard, a card game that pits your deck against a real life players in a “who’s got a better stabler/roster”, WWE Immortals, made by the team behind the successful Mortal Kombat and Injustice franchises that saw past and present stars mutate into other worldly creatures and characterisations of themselves and WWE Champions which… I’ll be honest, I barely played because I just didn’t understand the games mechanics. Sega teamed up with McMahon’s battle house to introduce their 4th game “WWE TapMania”

Imagine WWE, Adventure Capitalist/Cookie Clicker and Pokemon all got together for a kinky threesome and some how all became the parents to a very strange creature. That is literally the best way to describe TapMania.

That’s not to say the game is bad, in fact it’s the most addictive of the 4 games WWE released, but at the same time, it’s the least complicated. Those who’d like to get stuck in on a 15 minute work break will get disappointed quickly. It’s more of a game you whack out after searching Facebook on your phone whilst having a poop.

Again, this isn’t a bad thing. There is a market to it. Like I said, it’s super addictive. I spent around 30 minutes on the game before I realised I have bills to pay and had to get back to work.

So how does the game play? You have to create a new character, those looking for 2K Levels of deep customisation will be super disappointed. You basically choose 1 of around 5 or 6 pre-made characters, however you get to completely rename the character to however you want (Yes, we made Derick), and to name your finisher to whatever it is you want. Granted, you never SEE your finisher, but then you never seen ANYBODY’S finisher. Further customisable options, such as hats and jackets will be unlocked as your progress through the game, all with their own variation of bonus’ to enhance your gameplay.

From there you dumped straight into a match against Triple H, who’s around the same height as Godzilla, he proceeds to taunts you. John Cena jumps to your side and walks you through the games mechanics. It’s really simple. Tap on Triple H to attack him and wear down his HP, after a certain amount of time has passed, you can hit your finisher, once the cooldown period has ran down, you can do it again.

From here, you start to earn “cards”, worry not, it’s not a Supercard clone. Characters essentially join you in beating up wave after wave of stock wrestlers with no personalities, such as “Hawkeye”, “Shadow” and “Kalisto”.

You have to beat 10 of these stock characters to enter the main event, who is a slightly stronger variation of a stock character you’ve met, or a real life WWE star.

As you beat wrestlers, and as your team increases (you can have 4 other real life WWE Stars join your team), you will start to earn money. This money can be used to make your character, or one of your team mates, stronger.

What’s neat though is that you don’t NEED to play the game constantly to get this money and to progress. This is where Adventure Capitalist and Cookie Creator influences come from. Your team mates will continuously beat up wrestlers whilst you go do more meaningful things with your life. It’s almost like you’re late 90’s nWo Hogan, and the rest of the team are the undercard who joined the faction just to get TV time. It’s great.

Lastly to note is the artwork. Instead of real life pictures of the wrestlers (like in Supercard), or weird animal hybrids (like in Immortals) or just plain grotesque 3D caricatures (like in Champions), TapMania instead utalises pure Saturday Morning Cartoon graphics, which works for the style of this game. Each character looks like they could fit in to almost any Cartoon Network show. Hey, maybe an idea for new show on the Network?

Is it worth a download? Oh heck yes. It’s dumb, it’s shallow, but it’s a fun time in a weird way. Don’t take it seriously, like you may do with Supercard and Immortals. Just enjoy the idea of a mini Enzo, Becky Lynch, Kofi Kingston and Daniel Bryan beating up a gigantic Undertaker, whilst your character sits back and looks fabulous in their magical bunny ears. It truly is a sight to behold.

Are you enjoying WWE TapMania? Let us know your thoughts below!

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