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Andy QuannJune 2nd, 2015NewsComments Off on WWE Raw Results (6/01/15)

WWE Raw Results (6/01/15)


Quick Results:
Roman Reigns defeated King Barrett @ 14:07 via pin
Dolph Ziggler defeated Kofi Kingston @ 3:17 via pin
Ziggler, O’Neil and Young defeated New Day @ 5:32 via pin
Roman Reigns defeated Mark Henry @ 3:52 via pin
Divas Title Match: Champion Nikki Bella defeated Paige @ 5:48 via pin
Randy Orton defeated Sheamus @ 12:57 via DQ
Neville defeated Bo Dallas @ 3:10 via pin
Roman Reigns defeated Bray Wyatt @ 12:26 via pin

Notable Segments:
The Authority as per usual starts the show off. They were annoyed about Ambrose running off with the title at Elimination Chamber, that just because he has the belt, he isn’t champion. Dean Ambrose isn’t superstar material stealing belts. They say that Dean is crazy but isn’t stupid, he has from the start of Raw to the end to give the belt back. Roman comes out to say that Dean isn’t there and would only return if he has a rematch. Additionally a ladder matches, so there’s no confusion. Also the PA system goes crazy. Seth agrees to the dismay of Triple H. Hunter then threatens Roman’s place in the MITB ladder match if he loses any of his matches tonight.

Big Show returned. Ewwww. To confront Ryback. Ewwww. DOES NOT WANT. He punches Miz in the face and then cuts a promo on Ryback and he will beat Ryback for the Intercontinental Title. He says that Ryback is the “Big Guy” but Ryback doesn’t have anything on the Big Show. It’s 2015, ENOUGH WITH BIG SHOW.

Kevin Owens cuts the greatest promo of the year. He always delivers; with the NXT title, destroying Sami Zayn and leaving Cena laying. He spoke to his son, but, he is a Cena fan like all kids. All he could ask is if John was ok. Owens understands, but, doesn’t think its ok. Its blind worship. Cena is portrayed as a real life superhero, his son was being influenced by his son. Cena comes out and he says he is encouraging those, and points to a cancer patient. Tells him to never give up. He says when opportunity knocks; you kick down the door and say the champ is here. And that’s what Owens did. Fight Owens Fight, is the same as Never Give Up. Cena says that he should think before he speaks as he will get his ass kicked by a real man. They nearly fight, but he walks off. Seriously, find this promo in full. It’s beautiful.

You can clog your phone further with the WWE Tough Enough App. Goody.

Rusev addressed his injury. Rusev has nothing. No championship. No Career. No Woman. Just a broken man. Broken Ankle. Broken Spirit. He is the one crushed this time. He knows what he desire. And he get back all of it.
Dean returned at the end of the night to save Roman from the Authority appearing on the announce table. Roman and Dean clean house. And re-steals the title back after Seth drops his title.

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