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Andy QuannMay 5th, 2015NewsComments Off on WWE Raw Results (5/04/15)

WWE Raw Results (5/04/15)


Quick Results:
Handicap Match: New Day defeated Orton and Reigns @ 13:05 via pin
Kidd & Cesaro defeated The Ascension @ 4:01 via pin
Non-Title Match: Dean Ambrose defeated Champion Seth Rollins @ 16:40 via pin
Rusev defeated Fandango @ 2:11 via submission
Stardust defeated R-Truth @ 3:05 via pin
US Title Match: Champion John Cena defeated Sami Zayn @ 10:40 via pin
King Bad News Barrett and Sheamus defeated Neville and Dolph Ziggler @ 8:41 via pin
Randy Orton and Roman Reigns went to a no contest @ 6:15

Notable Segments:
Orton opened the show. He promised Payback on Rollins by winning the title but Reigns interrupts and promises the exact same thing. They argue then the The New Day come out and made fun of the both of them for being losers. Leads to the handicap match. Miscommunication and an accidental spear to Orton leads to their loss. Kane (sigh) comes out and states that Orton and Reign’s night isn’t over yet. The main event will be Reigns vs Orton.

More f**king Kane. He booked a match with Rollins and Ambrose with J&J Security banned from ringside. Moving on.
Ryback cuts a promo and the crowd chant boring at him for a bit and even acknowledges it and wins over the crowd. Ryback doesn’t know why Bray has been attacking him and he isn’t scared of the new face of fear. He has been facing fear his whole life and has suffered a career threating injury. He takes negatives into positives and wakes up hungry. FEED ME MORE. And that’s what he does. Its feeding time. Bray derps and interrupts. He can see that Ryback is scared and fear that he will see though his facade. Everything that he is afraid to lose will fade away and so will he. Run. Derp.

Lana does the Fandango dance.

Cena’s challenger for tonight is BRET HART?!?!? WHAT THE FECK? Oh wait, he introduced… Heath Slater? He just interfered and he complains about being RKO’d and attacked by Rusev, so Bret punches him. Bret introduces… SAMI MOTHERFUCKING ZAYN. HOLY FUCKING SHIT. YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES. OLE OLE OLE OLE OLE OLE OLE. Best moment of the year. What a great showing for Sami. But of course, Cena Wins LOL. Cena helps Sami to his feet and shakes and raises his hand. We have a future WWE champion in Sami Zayn. And Sami alone in the ring gets a standing ovation, well deserved.

Dean Ambrose won his match against Seth Rollins, which makes the main event at Payback at Fatal Four Way. He stands tall to close the show with Reigns, Orton and Rollins down. Carmine just be overjoyed. I wish JBL would have shut up and let Cole do this thing.

I have three words to describe this show. RAW is Zayn.

Also, I wish to discuss something, since I have the opportunity. You can’t fire me from the show. I’ll see you very soon.

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