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Andy QuannApril 28th, 2015NewsComments Off on WWE Raw Results (4/28/15)

WWE Raw Results (4/28/15)


Quick Results:
KOTR Qualifier: Bad News Barrett defeated Dolph Ziggler @ 8:20 via pin
Big E defeated Tyson Kidd @ 1:20 via pin
Ryback defeated Bo Dallas @ 2:06 via pin
KOTR Qualifier: R-Truth defeated Stardust @ 3:43 via pin
Adam Rose defeated Fandango @ 1:47 via pin
Naomi defeated Brie Bella @ 3:38 via pin
KOTR Qualifier: Sheamus defeated Dean Ambrose @ 12:41 via DQ
KOTR Qualifier: Neville defeated Luke Harper @ 10:10 via pin
Roman Reigns and Randy Orton defeated Seth Rollins and Kane @ 18:45 via pin

Notable Segments:
Seth opens the show with J&J Security and KANE. Seth says he defeated Orton at Extreme Rules all by himself, Kane looked bemused. Seth then says he beat Orton with the ultimate insult, an SKO OUT OF NOWHERE. He then gives credit where it’s due, and thanks Kane for being the Crypt Keeper and takes the piss out of Kane. Kane then calls Seth the WWE equivalent of Justin Bieber. Orton comes out and says that he deserves a rematch. Reigns comes out and says he deserves a shot. But Rollins says that they both lost to him, so they don’t deserve it. But Kane states they both make compelling arguments and that the WWE Universe will decide the match at Payback. And makes a tag match tonight, as per usual. Same old same old.

Cena comes out and talks about the rematch with Rusev at Payback and lays out his US Title Challenge, Heath Slater of all people accepts…but gets laid out by Rusev. Kicking him off the stage, Lana comes out to a huge pop. And she is looking fine today, and Rusev tells her to go to the back which pisses of the crowd as they chant for Lana. Rusev cuts a anti USA promo, saying Americans and Cena are quitters. They all be saying I quit, then the Russian flag falls down.

Brie Bella gives us an update on Daniel Bryan saying he hates not being there but then she gets attacked by Naomi. She then said that no one cares about Brie or her husband. Ironic.

Bray Wyatt DERPS into the ring after Ryback’s match and attacks him. Bray Wyatt later then cuts a nonsensical promo on Ryback.

Damien Sandow cuts a promo, stating that his previous gimmick sucked. He then shoot says that he was told to his face that he was not entertaining enough. In a quest to entertain he impersonated wrestlers, movie characters and sports personalities. Even Vince McMahon himself. Then Miz, he said that Mizdow caused a lack of respect for his peers but earned respect from the WWE Universe. He thanks the fans. And without them he wouldn’t be in the WWE right now. And says You’re Welcome. Axel comes out and impersonates and mocks Axel. Exactly. Literally. With everything he does. Amazing. Axel gets a kicking and Sandow hits the Elbow and a Axel/Hogan Leg Drop for good measure. That was awesome.

WWE Universe voted for a Triple Threat at Payback with 78% of the vote. The End.

Glad to see the show was more match based with the return of the King of the Ring. Kane didn’t appear 500+ times, so that’s a plus.

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