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Andy QuannApril 21st, 2015NewsComments Off on WWE Raw Results (4/10/15)

WWE Raw Results (4/10/15)


Quick Results:
Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper went to a no contest @ 2:00
#1 Contenders Match: New Day defeated The Lucha Dragons @ 9:25 via countout
Fandango defeated Curtis Axel @ 1:13 via pin
Naomi defeated Brie Bella @ 9:09 via pin
Sheamus defeated Zack Ryder @ 2:58 via pin
US Title Match: Champion John Cena defeated Kane @ 5:20 via pin
Winner Gets The Miz Brand: The Miz defeated Damien Sandow @ 2:35 via pin
Ryback defeated Adam Rose @ 1:24 via pin
Non-Title Match: Champion Seth Rollins defeated Dolph Ziggler @ 11:41 via pin

Notable Segments:

Seth Interrupts Orton, who’s cutting a promo on Seth inside of a cage. Seth states that Orton has anger issues but that he will be a Hall of Famer one day. But Seth states that he can out-wrestle and out-think everyone, because he is the best. Randy Orton says he is going to RKO every son of a bitch he sees tonight (Bitch bleeped out of course). Ending with Seth.

Orton RKOs Kofi and Woods of the New Day.

Triple H announced Tough Enough, apparently anyone can apply. Unfortunately, the crowd didn’t seem interested. Kane interrupted, again, Crowd wasn’t interested. Kane shows up on this show about nine million times, at least it feels like it. Kane doesn’t want his job anymore because of disrespect from Seth Rollins, so he hands in his two week notice. I am totally fucking serious by the way. Seth comes out and runs down Kane. Kane says he and the Authority made him champ, hell they could have made El Torito champion. The crowd loved that though. Triple H has had enough, so he makes Kane” guardian of the gate” for the cage match on Sunday. So, that’s an official title now.

MORE KANE. Rollins and Kane are arguing, again. Hunter states that Kane is corporate now, not a monster. Kane disagrees and leaves. Hunter makes a match with Rollins and Ziggler to prove he is the man, Seth says he is the man.

Orton RKOs Heath Slater through a table in catering. Orton can count to 3. That’s 3 RKOs. We’re counting with Randy, well it is a PG show after all.

Roman calls out Big Show, he gets Bo Dallas instead. So he superman punches and spears him.
John Cena has his open challenge and it’s accepted by… KANE. WELCOME TO MONDAY NIGHT KANE. Kane wants to prove he isn’t corporate, he loses. Triple H wasn’t happy.

Orton RKO’s Miz.

Wyatt cuts nonsensical promo, this time about motivation.

KANE YET AGAIN IS ON MY SCREEN, this time complain to Hunter about mean stuff that J&J Security said about him on social media. I wish I was lying. Rollins apologised.

Seth vowed to win by pinning Orton, rendering Kane useless. KANE AGAIN COMES OUT. Triple H and J&J stop him as the cage lowered. Orton then appeared in the cage and Seth tries to escape but hits an RKO on Seth. Kane smiles. Oh fuck off.

If this was EWR, an email message would say, “You overused Kane too much, the fans were tired of seeing him”. That’s how I would describe this show. Urgh. It’s 2015 people. Enough of Kane already.

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