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Sam BrooksMarch 23rd, 2015NewsComments Off on WWE Dedicating Raw to Perro Aguayo Jr?

WWE Dedicating Raw to Perro Aguayo Jr?


Unconfirmed Talks to Dedicate Raw to Recently Deceased Wrestler

According to Reddit insider MetsFan4Ever, there have been talks among Vince McMahon, Triple H and Kevin Dunn regarding the dedication of the newest Monday Night Raw to Mexican wrestler Perro Aguayo Jr, who died in the ring from cervical spine trauma last Friday.

The incident occurred during a match featuring TNA star Manik and former WWE world champion Rey Mysterio, wherein Mysterio dropkicked Aguayo, sending him neck-first onto the ring ropes. In a post on Reddit, the anonymous insider has stated the following;

I have been told that it is possible WWE dedicates Raw tomorrow to Perro Auayo Jr.
While it is not confirmed, there is strong talk between Vince McMahon, Triple H and Kevin Dunn. I was told one of the three was in heavy favor of dedicating the show to him but the other two were not. I was not told however who was in favor of it and who wasn’t.
There also is the issue of bringing light to the situation when a former star of the company was involved in the spot that tragically took Perro’s life. WWE is very sensitive to the idea of the dedication because they feel it may bring wrongful hate to Rey Mysterio.
In all likelihood the show will end up going on without the dedication but it has definitely been discussed.
Edit: Just in case this wasn’t clear, the entire show would not be stripped of storylines. It would just be a dedication screen to start the show.

Editor’s Note: Putting the terrible aspects of the tragedy aside, I believe that it would be strange for WWE to acknowledge the passing of a wrestler who has never been a part of their promotion in any way, shape, or form, the only variable linking them being Rey Mysterio’s involvement.

When a wrestler passes, tributes pour in from fellow wrestlers regardless of promotion, but it’s very rarely acknowledged by WWE if said wrestler has not been featured in their promotion; even if they have, they would barely get a mention if they weren’t a big star at any given point.

Whilst their intentions would be in the right place, I feel it would not be a genuine course of action from WWE to broadcast a memorial episode, rather a publicity stunt for the sake of a publicity stunt.

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