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Andy QuannApril 21st, 2015NewsComments Off on WWE 2K15 is coming to PC this spring

WWE 2K15 is coming to PC this spring


WWE have announced that the PC version of WWE2K15 will be available in the Spring. The game will include the MyCareer and the 2K Showcase modes.

Most if not all of the game’s DLC content will all be free. That’s correct, free. Zero Dollars, Zero Pounds.
But there’s conflicting quotes in this article:

Oh, and did we mention that the DLC content for the PC version of WWE 2K15 will be free? For Cena, that’s easily one of the most exciting parts about this announcement.

But then they go on to say that:

One of the great bonuses of getting the game on PC is that you get nearly all of the downloadable content that was released after WWE 2K15 launched in October free, as part of the package…

So, it could be everything or most of it. Either way, it sounds pretty awesome.

The specifications for the game on PC are unknown at this time.

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