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Liam DunneMarch 20th, 2016NewsComments Off on Top TNA Stars Quit!

Top TNA Stars Quit!

Former TNA World Champions Bobby Roode and Eric Young have both finished up at the company this past weekend, with Roode and James Storm dropping their Tag Team Titles to the team of Decay, and Young dropping the King of The Mountain belt to Bram.

The two started in TNA together, as part of Team Canada, being one of TNA’s top heel stables. Eventually the team disbanded, Roode went his own way into being a Ted DiBiase like character, whilst Young became a comedic foil. Roode eventually joined forces with James Storm to make the legendary tag team “Beer Money” whilst Young went on to reinvent himself and become legitimise himself as a wrestler, and showed a bigger mean streak and a genuine threat to other characters.

Whilst this is pure speculation at this very moment, one can’t help but feel that the success that Samoa Joe, Austin Aries and AJ Styles, all former major TNA stars, have found at WWE, that Roode and Young are going to try their luck at the number 1 wrestling organisation in the world. James Storm also had a brief run with WWE’s brand, NXT, until TNA saw he was still technically a free agent and offered him almost double the money WWE were offering.

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