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Andy QuannApril 14th, 2015NewsComments Off on TNA never taping shows in the UK again?

TNA never taping shows in the UK again?


The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Destination America, the home of TNA Impact Wrestling, does not like the show being taped from the UK. The network is calling the shots these days and they did not like it as they are an American network. They do not mind TNA running an overseas tour, but they have made it clear that they want the show taped in the USA.

Edit: This is stupid for so many reasons. But for your best interests, I’m going to stick with three.

First, TNA’s UK shows actually look professional, in sold out arenas of over 10,000 people that TNA can’t achieve in the US. Rather than that “Impact Zone” that looks like it can hold 100 people.

Second, TNA is on a TV station over there that is free unlike WWE. This puts TNA in such a unique position, that they on multiple occasions have beaten WWE in the ratings over here. So annoying the British fans seems like a stupid idea. Especially when for YEARS we have been promised time after time for a Pay Per View over here, not taping a TV show is a total slap in the face.

Finally, according to sources, Destination America has been calling the shots with who should and shouldn’t be champion. Eg. Kurt Angle being World Champ and Taryn Terrell as Knockouts Champion because of her looks. Why is a station that has never had wrestling calling the shots creatively?

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