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Liam DunneApril 15th, 2015NewsComments Off on TNA Not Behind Paychecks?

TNA Not Behind Paychecks?

In a news article posted earlier today about TNA not paying talent on time, and general low moral in the locker room, Matt Hardy seems to claim that the dirt sheets have got it all wrong.

Recently, Hardy tweeted a picture of himself receiving 5 pay checks at roughly the same time. Originally this was thought to be back-logged pay checks from TNA. But Hardy disputes this by stating that the pay checks all represent different things in conjunction to his contract with the company, and none of them are back logged pay checks. Among them are these:
– A Monthly Fee
– A Per-Match Fee
– A Royalty Fee

He states that, it was just coincidence that the pay checks he was due to receive at around the same time.

Hardy goes on to mention that, from his perspective, he hasn’t seen any low moral back stage.

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